May 5, 2012

Shake your tail feather... it's day 5

Day 5 of FatMumSlim's photo a day challenge with the topic, Birds.

Here's my friend down at the local fauna park... she's (I'm just assuming she is a she???) rather friendly and curious... and manages to scare the bah-jeezus out of Big Little Miss M every time we go wandering the park (which is pretty much a weekly event).

I feel for her (BL Miss M) cause I guess my feathered friend here is kinda tall and leggy and somewhat towering when your only knee high to a grasshopper! 

Plus, those curious, amber eyes and the low guttural noise along with the strange 'ticking' sound they make could be the stuff of nightmares for a rather emotional four year old.

We do love the fauna park though and emu-phobe or not, it remains one of my girls most favourite places to visit.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend... 

One day I will actually sew and/or refashion something and do a tutorial again... I just can't seem to find my creative mojo or the hours in the day to hunt it down at the minute!

Baking seems to be dominating at the moment, which is okay for me because I find it somewhat therapeutic and calming... though in the midst of the kitchen chaos I'm sure it doesn't look that way!

Anyhow... I'm just rambling now (or was I all along?)...


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