May 17, 2012

Sewing again...

It's been a while... too long really. 

It seems like so long since I've sat down at my sewing desk and actually felt excited and like I want to sew.

I haven't sewn lately for a whole bundle of reasons... disorganised day-to-day life, a sewing room that was so overwhelmed with fabric it was hard to sit in there and feel even the tiniest bit inspired, sewing-life-children-family-husband-you-name-it balance (or lack thereof)... I could go on and on - but let's face it, the fact is I hadn't been sewing, I didn't feel like it and now I do... and I'm happy about it too!

I'd had a picture in my mind for a while of combining some pretty vinty doilies with denim to create a winter shoe range - oh, how I miss summer already :( but I am excited about making more winter styles to beat sew away the gloomy weather blues... 

So, today I finally felt inspired enough to sew up these mary janes, they are the first pair of my "Dainty Denim" range for this year:

There will be a similarly styled boot in the denims as well... ooh, just thinking about them is making me smile as I type! Yay!

I'm also sewing up a couple pairs of this style and colour, of last years BOOTiful boots, they were super popular...

I have grand (well, in my own mind anyway) visions of a pretty funky hounds-tooth and hot pink version of my BOOTiful boots too... you know you'll see it first on my FB page or maybe get updated on that new love of mine Instagram!

And hopefully will be finishing off a few more projects that have lain about half finished... the red riding hood cape
...the Japanese pattern book top
...some winter dresses
...and the list goes on!

So, all in all a good day... a sleep in (followed by mad, crazy efforts to make up for time lost from my day solely the fault of the aforementioned luxury), sewing, laughs and lemon tree climbing in the back yard with my girls, good gym session... probably should have gone for a run too - damn you cold, misery-guts weather... but yep, overall a really nice day. 

Hope yours was a nice day too!
Yay for nice days!


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