Oct 31, 2012

Apple & Cinnamon Slice

A quick stop by tonight to let you in on a recipe that I whipped up this morning and that I love...

Apple & Cinnamon Slice from my kitchen today :)

Its rare that I use a recipe and follow it pretty much to the letter without modifications and adaptations... but this one... it's perfect as it is. 
Only 6 ordinary ingredients transformed to a superb, not too sweet treat for your tastebuds!

Apple & Cinnamon Slice under construction

So now I've hyped it up, here's the link: 

It's straight from a 2005 edition of the Fresh Living mag.

***Oooh I fibbed... just a couple of tweaks! I actually bake it for an extra 5 minutes to get the sour cream really firm and set - without burning it of course. And just a couple of tips on getting beautiful looking slices... after cooling the finished slice in the tray for about 15 or so minutes I pop the whole tray in the freezer for another 30 minutes or so - just till it's absolutely cold but not anywhere near frozen - then remove from the tray and slice with a HOT knife... any hey presto! Gorgeous neatly sliced, non squishy, perfect slices!

Try it - you won't be disappointed!

And just because the girls and I whipped up some more of these super crazy easy Mega Mallow Pops here's a pic of those too!
(A little out of focus but my phone camera has been doing that lately... urgh)


Oct 26, 2012

Having been AWOL...

Where have I been?

Well... here all along really, here but not blogging. Continually harangued by my own conscience over it all. The longer I leave it the easier it feels to keep leaving it but at the same time I still miss it. 
I'd come last in a consistency competition. 
I'm a little bit all over the place - but this state is one I suffer quite happily - in blogging, in general and  in life... it's just me and I'm really good with it! 

I'm always busy, but aren't we all. I'm really not too sure where the year (and the past few months in particular) have gone?

This little funny is SO me...

It's nearly Christmas... CHRISTMAS!!!!
For what would have to be the absolute first. time. ev.er. I have done Christmas shopping early. I don't know that I like that I have done so... I'm going to miss that frantic, chaotic, crazy, mad, last minute rush to get it all done. 

I love Christmas with children. I love the magic of it all. If you followed along last year (here or on my FB page SpaNGle* you would have read and seen the daily December shenanigans and escapades of Elfies first Christmas with the family. To say I LOVE our little Elf on the Shelf is a massive understatement... I think I'm busting more than the girls with anticipation of his return come December first.

Here's just a few photo's of Elfies antics from last December:
(If you want to check out the full visit you can check out this ALBUM over on my FB page)
Caught getting a sugar fix...

Zip-Zooming about on the girls flying bird...

Sneaky Elfie painted their noses while they slept...

Elfie sewing up the girls Christmas outfits...

Even Elfs need company... Elfie working his charm on Barbie...

Oooh... I'm already brainstorming (and pinning 'a la pinterest') more ideas for his visit this year! 

I've been busy in the kitchen: 

Cheesecake Shooters Three Ways for my BIL's 40th...

Chocolate Pistachio Truffles (OMGooosh these were good)...

A Chocolate Bear Cake for my niece...

Some chocolate ladybugs also made an appearance...

My first attempt at a swiss roll cake... I foresee many more swiss rolls in my kitchens future!

Ooh... and some orange cream filled Choc Jaffa Cupcakes...

The girls and a visiting friend had a ball helping make these Mega Mallow Pops!

Nothing like a super-sized sugar hit!!!

There's been sewing happening here for SpaNGle* too...

A village frock with a twist (Oh how my affection for this pattern just grows and grows...). This one modelled by my ever gorgeous little munchkin is made with vintage linens ♥

Some little dress and sling back shoe sets: 

More Spring Dress OOAKs... 

Am I truly boring you yet??? Okay, just a couple more pics...

How cute are these bubble shorts... not to mention how fabulous Jennifer Paganelli fabrics are!

Bonus: My big girl LOVES them!

The girls and I (plus their daddy too) have been out and about and all around, filling days with memories I hope they'll cherish for a lifetime...

Local show day
captivated by the alpacas
We love daytripping!
♥♥♥And relaxed family days♥♥♥

Yes... well, I would say be back soon with another post but we all know I'm inconsistent so let's just say I'll will be back (maybe I'll miraculously go on a blogging rampage!) 

In the meantime you can always get a sticky into the daily goings on of the inconsistent blogger, mad late night baker, SpaNGle* sewing mumma, coffee addicted, fitness and diet wannabe (that simply LURVES food just a little too much), family loving, memory weaver that is me on Instagram... search me out: the_spangler 


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