Oct 18, 2010

About me…

fabric bannerIf you’ve had a look around my blog you’ll notice I always refer to myself as The Spangler. Of course its just a pseudonym and I use it because I’m a little reluctant to give so much of myself away to the land of irrevocable information – the internet. I am a lover of my privacy but at the same time feel that my lack of real world identity on the internet frees me up to be more open and sharing with you all. Its all a little new to me – who knows maybe my confidence with it will grow enough for me to shed the pseudonym and really get out there as me
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Rest assured though I am a REAL person and just to give you a little more about me here are ten random facts about me and my life thus far:
  • Prior to becoming a SAHM in May 2010 I spent just a little under the last 10 years working as a Police Officer and Police Prosecutor working both on the street as first response and in the court system (trust me a far far cry from the crafty escapades – I love that word, escapades… shenanigans too – and family adventures I document here.
  • I met my husband in the police academy as we were assigned the same squads 10 years ago and have been married for almost 7 years.
  • I am a thirty something mum to two wonderful girls – Big Little Miss M who is 3 and Little Little Miss M who is 1.
  • I am also a fully qualified (but non-practicing) beauty therapist and make-up artist (from my life prior to policing).
  • I love, love, LOVE sewing and although my mother used to sew clothes for us as children and I picked up a basic knowledge of sewing from her, most of what I have learnt has been self taught.
  • I love op-shopping (thrift and second hand shopping). Growing up I used to be embarrassed to shop there with my mum, but for many years now I have loved the bargains (and that little natural high a find creates)that can be found for a fraction of the price and it the local op shop is fast becoming my daughters favourite shop.
  • I love a bargain and will always ask, “Is this your best price?”
  • I love cooking and baking and the flow on from this is that I love eating.
  • I have Filipino heritage – my mother was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines.
  • I grew up in a small country town which I couldn't wait to leave for city life but now with children of my own my family and I are back living in a small country town… and loving it!
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Okay, so now you all know me a little better and I hope you’ll get more of a feel for who I am and that you all enjoy this blog of mine enough to stop by often, say hello and spend some time seeing what I’ve been up to!

The Spangler

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