May 5, 2012

Seriously.... Trivia night with some lady friends rocks! For real... Okay, maybe one or two glasses okay, okay, bottles of red and I think, my friend and I are the official drunkards at the local school... quietly glad I don't have any children enrolled at the school (yet)  for I'm absolutely Positive (with a capital P) that my 'busta-moves' at the end of the night did not win me any P&F friends or fans!

But most importantly of all folks, I had MAJOR fun!!! At a trivia night of all places... I'll be a regular bingo lady before you know it... sad, I know... but hey... a highlight is a highlight and life is what you make it (even if it does entail crumbly cake - inside joke... I guess you had to be there, rockin it! )!!!

And because today is day 4 of FatMumSlim's photo challenge... here's a little fun - DAY 4; Topic - Fun

Is there anything more fun than being four and catching bubbles????

Ask my very own four year old... I think not!

To all you trivia freaks... goodnight! Something tells me I will not be feeling so chipper in the morning... wait! It's already morning... something, most definitely tells me I WILL NOT feel so chipper in a few hours!!!

Goodnight lovelies and I'll catch you with the sunrise! ☺

(or maybe a little later if I can convince my munchkins it's a good morning for a sleep in!)

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