Apr 30, 2011

Amongst other things... I'm working on being more organised

Here are a few things I've been working on... mostly they should have been done long ago. Being organised is definitely a skill I was not gifted with.

Anyhow, I'll continue to work on my organisation skills but in the meantime here are some projects I did complete (and know that there are still a few that I'm working on...)

Pillow covers being sent up north for a cause (which should have been done a while ago - I hope they can still be put to use though...)

Another set of overalls... I absolutely have fallen in love with this fabric!

Here's a close up of the fabric... loving the gorgeous butterflies

And another denim set...

Some fun with the girls drawing... (sorry about the really poor photo quality - I'm still lamenting the permanent breakdown of my 'good' camera and haven't committed to a new one yet - those babies are expensive!)

 I'd never heard of newspaper end rolls before... see the massive roll of paper above? That's a newspaper end roll (I learned of them during the PATTERN DRAFTING COURSE I did as we used them to draw up our block patterns). They are a bargain... picked it up at the local newspaper office for $7 - there's plenty for the girls to draw and paint to their hearts content and still plenty for me too!

Such a great way to fill an hour or two... Here's one of the pieces that now adorns their bedroom wall:

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend... and if I get a little more organised I'll have another tutorial posted in the next few days - something a little different this time, not a clothing refashion but rather an update of sorts to a rather ugly home fixture! ☺

Apr 28, 2011

Heart warming...

I couldn't help but share... my new favourite photo of my two lovelies:

Ahhh... I live for these moments ☺

Apr 27, 2011

Happiness is...

Happiness can be... so many different things.

Today, I made some bunting - bright, bold and colourful... just looking at it made me feel a little happier

There's just something fun & cheery about bunting that makes me smile... I hope you all had a moment (or more) of happiness today...

I used THIS tutorial, just with a few modifications... I like to top stitch, so all my flags were top stitched - I think it just helps them to hang and retain their shape better, and I put loops on the very ends of the bias tape to make hanging a little easier...

Oh, and of course... these two gorgeously funny monkeys make me happy every day:


Apr 24, 2011

The how to NO-KNIT knitted cowl...

This is a super easy, super quick transformation tutorial...

As I mentioned in my last post it's been getting colder down south here in Australia so I've been rugging up and trying to keep warm. I keep seeing on Etsy and many other sites some gorgeous knitted cowls - I think they are fabulous and it got me thinking about making some for myself... only thing is, I'll admit I can knit but there is no speed nor uniformed tension involved, together with high likelihood of dropped stitches... so no wonderfully gorgeous cowl was going to fall from the ends of my knitting needles... hmmm, what's a girl to do... well - I'll stick to what I love, REFASHIONING!

My lovely S.I.L gave me a couple of jumpers she no longer wanted but they were much smaller than I'll ever be...

 So, I decided to turn them into these:

And here's how you can do the same with an old, ill fitting or thrift shop jumper... this project cost me absolutely nothing - pretty much a freebie 'cept for the usual things I already had like thread for my machine... WOO HOO!!! Plus, the whole refashion can pretty much be done within 30 - 40 minutes - PERFECT ☺

Woo Hoo... do a little dance it's pretty much done - I whipped up two but then decided to 'pretty' them up a bit with a flower brooch...


 And there you have it... the NO-KNIT knitted cowl... I love them and you can bet I now will be keeping an eye out in the thrift stores for some brilliantly coloured knits to cut up and refashion... I want a whole rainbow selection of these lovely cowls. (I simply attached the flowers to felt circles and a couple of brooch pins- that way they can be worn with or without the flower and also makes for easier laundering)

As an extra bonus, the two original jumpers have rolled necks and are the perfect size for turning into Jnr. cowls... for my little lovelies, Big Little & Little Little Miss M... will post some photo's of the kiddie versions soon...

I'd love to know what you think of this refashion... one of my first that's actually for grown ups (yep that's me... lol)... Leave a comment, become a follower, check out some of my other posts - I'd love the company!


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Apr 23, 2011

Sewing, Parks and a touch of the chills…

Some days at the moment it feels like winter is already here… we’ve been getting a taste of the cooler weather… and the colds and flu too.

Meanwhile, I have been meaning to get another tutorial posted but it’s still in progress… hopefully before this Easter long weekend is over.


I’ve still managed a bit of sewing – but not as much as I’d like to have done…

A skirt bib overall…


A couple of pant versions with snaps on the inner legs for nappy (diaper changes)…

one with hem contrast…


and one without the hem contrast… I am loving this black 6oz denim at the moment!


A gorgeous (even if I do say so myself) shirred sleeve, neckline and high waisted tunic dress…


It’s hard to tell from the photos but this peachy fabric has the most gorgeous cream floral print over it…

And here’s Little Little Miss M  making it look even more gorgeous…


Most of the sewing I’ve been doing of late has been for SpaNGle*. I made another vintage set…



But I’ve got a little bit of exciting sewing I hope to also get done really soon with a little bit of ‘sugar city’… ooh… how I longed and pined for this very special pattern – but more of that another time when I actually get it done!

So what have you all been sewing/crafting lately?

Although it’s been cold, and we’ve all been a little under the weather a little it’s still nice to get out of the house and get the girls to a park….






Wishing you all an enjoyable and safe Easter break…


Apr 19, 2011

All things addictive…

They say (by the way, just WHO is THEY???) that some people are born with addictive tendencies… Me?

I am addicted…

To all things food…


Which leads unfortunately to a fad diet addiction… (nothing serious I promise – I’m honestly lucky to last past lunchtime… and if you open one of my cupboards you’d be struck by an avalanche of diet shakes just waiting for me to start another day…)

diet shakes

To Facebook… I held out for a little while – I’ve only been FB-ing for about 4 years (coincided with maternity leave for my first, Big Little Miss M)


Last October I started blogging… so, so addictive – both being a blogger and a internet blog surfer…

blogger symbol

And my newest addiction… Pinterest – I am now officially hooked to pinning (and I’m only a few days in….) such a great way to keep track of all things wonderful out there in computer land. Who else is out there pinning away, having caught the ‘pinning’ bug – I’d love to see what you’re finding ‘pinterest-ing’ (you can check out my boards… The Spangler – but as I said I’m only a few days into my Pinterest addiction)


The one I can’t seem to get my head around is Twitter… call me a gumby… I just don’t know – the whole thing doesn’t seem to make sense to me…. any tips or advice on tweeting and/or using twitter would be gladly accepted ☺

Now, you may be wondering is there any point to this post? Well, yes and no… you see I was happily browsing pinterest, stepped away from the computer for a moment and came back to discover that Pinterest is currently down… what to do, what to do….


Oh… and another refashioning tutorial is in progress for you all… (and when Pinterest is back up and running I’ll show you all some fabulous photo’s and links I’ve discovered there!)

Cheers and have a great week  xo

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