Mar 12, 2013

Wow... where have the months gone?

Just before my darling eldest started her school journey this year my mother innocently said in conversation  that once your children start school the time just flies and before you know it they are adults....

My response???


I think there is a bit of a grieving process that happens with each new stage that our children reach, experience and pass.

Some people thought I was nuts when I was somewhat saddened by both the weaning off breast feeding and then later the toilet training of my youngest.
Yes, I was happy that she was learning and growing but it was mixed with a sadness and a realisation that I may never be breastfeeding or changing the nappies of a little bubba that was my own again. I was saying goodbye (reluctantly) to a stage of my life too that I may not experience again.

*Sigh*  yes, the ability to stop time would be much loved. Everyone says they grow up too quick, it's nothing new... but I sure am hoping to pack as much happiness and 'slow' moments into the whirlwind that is their childhood!

Well, that's where my head is at this morning and here's a peek at the fabulous family weekend we've just had...

Can someone say MOOMBA? I loved watching the parade as a child on tv but never experienced it in person. This year and last year we have made Moomba part of our family traditions.

We had found a spot right against the barriers for the kiddies to enjoy the wonderful parade - albeit on the sunny side of the road (I think I lost kilos melting in the heat!). The girls loved all the floats and especially all the marching bands.

The hubs was kept happy as Moomba weekend also falls on the opening game weekend for NRL... So that meant we all got to enjoy a game on the Sunday - My girls love it for the cheerleaders and the fanfare at the scoring of try's. 

Big Little Miss M was super excited to get a photo with one of the cheer girls after the game (She spent most of the game gaining their attention and waving at them - we were seated right near them on the sidelines)!

The Moomba festival also meant a few rides and a wander through the sideshow alley. 

Seriously!!! My little miss is SUCH. A. POSER!!!

The ferris wheel was once again a big hit!

As were the Alice in Wonderland teacups...

We sat on the banks of the Yarra Sunday evening and listened to the girls 'wowing' over the brilliant fireworks show (and their super unhealthy but much enjoyed Korean Potato Spirals - who knew they were of Korean origin???). A large tree branch obstructed the view of the fireworks a little but the girls didn't even notice and space on the banks was at a premium!

The girls also had awesome fun 'flying' way up on the bungee trampoline! I tell you, it was nearly melt-down stations after we'd purchased tickets then waited for close to 45mins in the sweltering heat to get to the front of the line when the little miss declared she'd changed her mind and didn't want to have a bounce anymore (can't say I blamed her after waiting that long I kinda wanted to pull the pin after 20mins... but there's a reason they work the line and pre-sell the tickets as soon as you queue up... after parting with $30 for the tickets for a 4 minute bounce I wasn't going anywhere but suffering that slow moving queue!). At the last minute the little miss changed her mind once again and decided it did look like fun after all... they both had a ball! All four minutes worth!

Such a good weekend... I'm thrilled the girls love Moomba, the hubs is pleased it coincides with the NRL Storm homegame and I'm already looking forward to next year!!!

Sewing... what sewing??? I'm struggling to find the time just at the minute but soon lovelies, soon!!!


Jan 31, 2013


Yes, I am a sporadic blogger... 
albeit with good intentions on most days to actually complete a post however it seems that the hours escape me and before I know it another day is done and I've not managed an update!

today is a day that MUST be logged!!!

If you follow my insty feed  (the_spangler    - and yes your more than welcome to check it out, follow along and get a 'closer' peek into my little occupation of the world)
then last night you would have seen and read this:

"And so in what seems the blink of eye, tomorrow I will help her into her uniform and walk her through the gates, give her a kiss and squeeze her tight, tell her how much I love her and how proud I am of her, thank her again for giving me the most special and important gift that only she could give - making me a mother. Then I entrust to the school the educational care of my firstborn... Both she and I will be sharing this new experience in different ways..."

Yes, my eldest, Big Little Miss M has embarked on a new chapter of her life... school! 

There were of course the obligatory happy snaps...

Little Little Miss M just adores her big sister and was so proud of our school girl! She jumped around all crazy and excited at just seeing big sis in her school uniform... though the poor petal was missing her dearly by 11:30am and we had a further four hours of asking to go pick her big sister up... every ten minutes or so!

Little Little is having a first of her own today... 

S visited and met her kindergarten teachers and had orientation for her kindergarten program that will start next week. She is so thrilled about making new friends - all her friends (mostly) are friends of big sister as she has been her shadow for the past few years... constantly reminding her big sis that what's yours is mine, but what's mine is mine... toys, lollies, friends you name it, little sis will claim it!

My girls are growing up so so fast... it truly only seems like yesterday the hubs and I were driving home with a kind of surreal feeling, having been entrusted with the care of a tiny, dependant, almost foreign (but oh so loved and gorgeous) little bub!

Oh, where does the time go? Ever since I was a little girl myself I always wished that I had the power to stop time... like that character in the eighties tv show that would touch her fingers together and everything would stop... I still want that super power from time to time - just to freeze a moment and soak it up, adore and cherish it just a little more... like a photo but with more realness and in the moment!

Anyhoo... I'm just a proud parent today. My girls are growing into ever more beautiful creatures day by day - their affection and dependance on each other is everything I dreamed but never experienced having a sister would be like.


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