Mar 30, 2011

Giveaway update...

Just a quick update on the giveaway... we are a day in and already 10 new followers - WOO HOO, big thanks! And in return as promised I'm adding another item to the giveaway.... The winner will now not only receive this fab necklace

But now they will also receive this very stylish SpaNGle denim 'n' lace headband with a singed flower embellishment perfect for a little bub or toddler!

So, now there's 270 followers - lets see if I can get 10 more and add another surprise gift to the winners booty!

Cheers xo

Mar 29, 2011

I think its time for a giveaway....

Well, I've been disorganised... my blog is a little neglected... and I wish it weren't... that's a little depressing so, I think it's time I did another giveaway to get the momentum going again!

Do you remember this chain and ribbon flower necklace that I made HERE....

Well, as much as I love it, as I mentioned in the original tutorial I don't really wear jewelry other than some simple earrings, my wedding/engagement rings and a chain that my mum gave me for my 21st birthday (seems like yesterday... lol not really but hey!) so, I think this fabulous one of a kind piece of jewelry made by me needs a new home.....

Currently I have 260 followers... THANK YOU to each and every one of you! Lets see if I can get to 300??? (Am I being too ambitious?) Well, I think I will run this giveaway for 2 weeks (ending on 12th April - Australian EST) I don't expect to reach 300 in that time but it'd be nice to see how close (or far away) I am to the goal by then!

And just to make it a little more fun I will add another surprise item for the winner for every 10 new followers...

HOW TO ENTER - You MUST be (or become) a follower of my blog to enter this competition... THANKS(one entry for each of the following):
  • I love followers and I love comments so if you're a follower leave me a comment below
For optional additional entries...
  • If you are a 'liker' of my facebook business page SpaNGle let me know with a comment below
  • If you mention this follower giveaway on your blog leave me a comment below with a link to the page
  • If you mention this giveaway on your fb business page with a link back to this blog post on facebook let me know with another comment.
So, there you have it... spread the word & be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry - the winner will be chosen via

Now, I really must start another tute for you!!!

30th March - UPDATE: 10 new followers already, so another item has been added to the giveaway... check out what HERE

9th April Progressive Prize UPDATE: Have reached (and passed) the next 10 followers so I have added another prize to the winners lot! You may have checked out my latest tute where I also made a ribbon flower... well I'm going to make one in the same style (different colour & fabric button) and mount it on a brooch clip - will add a photo of the actual brooch soon... Hmm, I just realised there's a bit of a them with the prizes so far - they all feature flowers! Only another 5 followers and I'll add another prize - got 3 days left to get there so lets see how it goes!

11th April (in the wee hours of the night and the house is quiet and peaceful) Progressive Prize UPDATE: Well, with only another day to go I have 292 followers... which means ANOTHER prize has been added ... check out this post to see what the prize is (and get a peek at the ribbon brooch that was added for 280 followers)... Hmm only another 8 followers and yet ANOTHER prize will be added - can it be done in a day? I hope so for all of you that have entered!!!

Early, Early - like 1.30am early - 12th April Progressive Prize UPDATE: Woo Hoo, we've managed to get to the 300 mark (plus a couple) and there's still time left before I close and draw the giveaway... Will let this run till late tonight as I've just remembered I have a kinder committee meeting tonight (doh!) so I'd say there's at least 21 - 22 hours left to maybe achieve another 8 followers??? Hmmm... so what prize to add now, what about some bunting? Everybody loves bunting don't they and I've been meaning to make some for a while now - so what better excuse... bunting it is. So here's a quick photo recap of the prize haul so far:

I haven't made the bunting yet, so I don't have a photo to put up and I thought it might be nice to have the winner let me know what colours/theme they might like for thier bunting. I will be sure to post photos though once it is done!

So Goodluck to everyone that entered!

Cheers xo

In the meantime…

Wow… I really seem to have neglected my poor blog a little of late.Sad smile
I haven’t quite mastered my time management it seems – I am either going flat out with blog posts and refashioning to the neglect of other things or lately sewing and custom orders for my store SpaNGle whilst being somewhat absent from the blogosphere….
Then there’s simply finding time for either of those things amongst the chaos of home life (boy can children keep you busy – not that I’m complaining… I love them to bits but I definitely think they test your sanity sometimes!!!)
I really need to get another blog project or refashion under way for you but in the meantime…
Here’s the latest pair of baby shoes I have sewn up… a little bit of a departure from my normally girly stuff – a pair of baby boys “Jungle Fever Boots”…
… and I thought I’d re-share the tutorial that I did as a guest post over at the lovely Kristen’s fabulous blog “Ladybug Blessings” (be sure to head over there and check out her wonderful blog and linky parties)….
I know I’ve showed you the before’s and after’s already but here’s the whole tutorial… hope you like it!
A refashioning project that transforms this large size 24 tailored jacket (found at local thrift store for $2.50)
…Into a cute little vest and capris pant set (with enough fabric left to also make a coordinating skirt at a later date!).
refashioned jacket
And remember although this is a girly jacket, with a few tweaks here and there and a thrift shop tweed men’s jacket you could make a rather dapper short (or pant) and vest set for a little man!
The pants are the easiest part of the project and I know turning sleeves into pants isn’t a new concept but here’s my take on it… (you can enlarge any of the photo’s by just clicking on them).
  1. Remove sleeves
  2. crotch seam
  3. cut sleeves
  4. pant legs
  5. inside out legs
  6. crotch seam done
  7. waist casing
  8. elastic waist
  9. elastic feeding
Taa Daa! Halfway point victory dance – the pants are done!
Now onto the vest… Size up, measure, pin & mark:
  1. pin neck measurement
  2. excess collar
  3. vest cut out
  4. open vest
  5. pintucks
  6. pint tuck fan
  7. collar bias
  8. finishing collar
  9. arm holes
  10. front lapels
  11. topstitch lapels
  12. bottom top hem

To finish, I added some ribbon ties (made from bias trim) to the front of the vest to tie it closed….

front vest refashion
…A short strip of bias at the centre back over the end of the pin tucks… the trim on the pants was already part of the original jacket sleeves.

finished back outfit Woo Hoo… here it is all finished – a cute capris pant & vest set (yes it really is time for a victory dance ☺)

finished outfit
Modelled by my Little Little Miss M (My big girl is having pants issues at present and refuses to wear anything but a skirt!) but yes there STILL was bribery involved (this photo IS STILL my favourite…)
bribery was involved

So with that I’ll endeavour to get more organised and to manage my time better so that I can bring you another tutorial really soon (I hope!)… Thanks for stopping by and know that I love getting any and all comments and feedback (and if you’ve an email attached to your Google account I will reply!) – I am yet to reply to most of the comments left over the last couple of weeks… it’s my whole time management saga again! BUT I am getting there slowly but surely ☺

Cheers xo

Mar 19, 2011

It’s a Ribbon thing…


In my (sometime futile) attempts to become more organised and give myself more sanity (it drives me crazy at times looking for something I know I have or own but cannot locate!) I am in the midst of trying to establish a sewing area solely dedicated to just that!

Now, I never really thought I had a thing for ribbon… shoes – yes, fabric yo-yo’s – yep, thrifty op shop finds – definitely… but ribbon – I would have said yeah I don’t mind it from time to time….

Well, one look at my discovery of all these spools of ribbon tucked about, stashed here and there (and somewhat forgotten) may just mean I DO have a ‘bit’ of a ribbon thing!


Do you ever see something crafty or fabric related on sale, get fantastic ideas on all the crafty wonders you will create and buy, BUY, BUY? …only to put the fantastic bargains into a drawer or cupboard to be forgotten (not to mention the distinct lack of bargain ethos in such an act)?

Well… in the spirit of acknowledgement …Hi, I am the Spangler and I have (amongst other things) a ‘ribbon thing’… and in my efforts to bring the bargain of the buy back I am thinking my next few projects are going to have to feature some ribbon…


So stay tuned… and in the meantime I’d love to know – What is your ‘thing’? ☺

Mar 15, 2011

A guest spot, a transformation and some post holes…

My first guest blogging spot… Woo Hoo, I was super excited to be able to guest blog over at Ladybug Blessings today! Kristen hosts a fabulous linky party there every Tuesday too!
Remember, this jacket:
Well it is now this super cute capris pant & vest set:
finished outfit
Head on over to Ladybug Blessings, check it out and come back and let me know what you think!
I think my Little Little Miss M looks divine (biased I know but hey, aren’t we all?)
This is my new favourite photo… and yes I am inclined to offer my children bribes in my pursuit of gaining the perfect photo ☺
bribery was involved
On another topic, but something that really made me have a chuckle…. We are adding a deck onto the rear of our house and yesterday my little girls spent the afternoon watching their Daddy and Pop digging the post and stump holes…
Little Little Miss M was happy to supervise:
Whilst, it Big Little Miss M obviously was a little puzzled by it all. Remembering she’s only 3 and I’m not even sure if she knows what a ‘deck’ is…
After watching Pop for quite some time digging numerous holes she cautiously approaches, taps him on the leg as he’s digging a post hole and enquires…
“Pop, can’t you find your treasure?”
Oh, to see the world through their eyes!
Cheers xo

Mar 14, 2011

An update… and a tutorial COMING SOON...

Sometimes life takes over and we cant fit everything we want to do into the hours we have available…
I haven’t been blogging as much as I have wanted to in the past two weeks, I just can’t seem to find the time sometimes.
So here’s a quick update on some of the goings on around here:
Still busy sewing….
But loving time out taking the girls to parks and on some picnic BBQs…
Taking in some nature…
A bit more fun in the parks…
Big little Miss M has been loving her ballet lessons….
And I have been working on the refashioning tutorial for this number I showed you guys a few weeks ago….
The tute is finished but stay tuned – I’ll let you know what’s happening with this tutorial REALLY soon ☺
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