Feb 28, 2012

You've heard it all before.

 I've promised to try to be here more. Give you more posts. More free tutorials. More of me....

I haven't delivered and up till right now to be honest it has been a little bit of a source of stress. I keep just popping by, checking out the stats, seeing what's still of interest and wishing I had more to give, more time and just a bit more of everything really....

*Insert random photo (because photo's make me happy, they make blog posts look pretty and really, this whole big, wide world truly is beautiful! This is a SOOC - a phone camera too, mind you - shot of the beach where the family and I have just returned from holidaying... is it not BEAUTIFUL!)

But here's the thing, I don't want to be stressed about something I actually love doing - creating, sewing, delivering tutes and telling you about my day to day. Today I think I realised that what is stressing me is not any stress created by not blogging but perhaps the stress of not having an outlet... you see it's really quite cathartic and self-satisfying to get on here and just type and share. I love that so many of you have popped by my little blog and had a read, left a comment and even used a tute or two.

I'm de-stressing and it feels good. I want to really thank each and every reader who stops by here... it's nice to feel like I'm actually typing/talking/sharing with more than just myself.... maybe I've been gone and sporadic of late for too long to actually have many of you still popping by... maybe I am now just rambling to myself... still cathartic though! But for those that are here, popping by, I really do appreciate it... I know I will get out of this blogging funk one way or another... there's a whole lot of ideas upstairs that are busting to get on the screen... but in the meantime I thought I'd give a quick recap on my past top 3 posts - all tutorials, so I guess without asking it's safe to assume that's what a lot of you want to see more of.... (wish me creativity and time and I will produce!!!! ☺) 

The number one post to date, with close to 12,000 views - I know, small fish in the big scale of this massive blog-o-sphere but BIG FISH to me and my little ditty amongst it plus this little fact also for some silly reason gives me... BIG SMILES ☺☺☺.

A very close second is:

and coming in third from back in December 2010

And you know what? I just looked to the right sidebar and see that, yep, I have previously put a widget on there that actually already lists the most popular 10 posts from my blog... hmmm... I always discover these kind of things afterwards! So there you go! Check out the other seven too!

I'd love to know what brought you by here today... enlighten me, if you will... let me know about your blog so I can stop by and say hi... follow my blog if you like and let me know... check out my Pinterest boards... tell me about yours... What do you do to get out of a blogging rut?

Putting a call out for some virtual interaction of the bloggy, friendly, crafty sort!

Feb 5, 2012

PART 1: It all started with a pin...

Pinterest... It's been an addiction for some time now - there's almost always a tab up the top of my screen with it open and ready for some random browsing, pinning, wishing and dreaming!

Follow Me on Pinterest

So many pins so little time... You can find all my pins by clicking the above tab, check them out - and I'd love if you liked what you saw enough to follow along!

I thought I'd do a bit of a showcase series of sorts and show you a few of the things that all started with a pin....

I'll be doing a few more posts on other themed pinterest inspired projects over the next few weeks...

Today, here's a few of the food type ones...

I love cake decorating... you will find some examples of my earlier cakes HERE... but then I saw this fabulous fondant quilled cake on pinterest:

And this one....

And so I had to give it a go... and so was born my first Quilled Fondant Cake:


This rainbow icing pin...

...inspired this... oh and the cake pops were an idea garnished from the wonderful world of pinterest too!

My cookie monster cakes were born of a pin seen and loved...

And then because my girl LOVES pink at her request we came up with and made... Conchita - Cookie Monsters long lost cousin!

In my search for a cake theme for Big Little Miss M's Birthday last year I came across this:

This was my result:

I used this idea to package up some homemade cookies for my mother-in-law as a gift from my girls...

These brilliant cupcakes baked directly in a wafer cone and the foil tray holder are fabulous...

And with that inspiration I made these:

I saw these...

And just knew that my girls party candy buffet would not be complete without them....

This cake photo...

...inspired my own Frangelico Imbibed nutella combo cake

Now here's some food pins I've road tested and Oh My Goodness... sinfully yummy food (that sadly does my diet no good!)

Magical Layered Brownies..... these are GOLD!

This pastry effect is easy and looks good too - was the perfect way to wrap my yummy apple strudel...

These Vanilla Pudding Cinnamon Rolls are pretty much perfect... quick, easy, oh so yummy, super light and fluffy!

These yummy cookies have been given a few runs at our house... they are the new go to cookie recipe for baking days with my girls...

The girls claim this take on the old banana split as their new favourite:

This Turkish Semolina Cake has been made a few times now - I'm a sucker for semolina and more so for anything drizzled with copious amounts of gorgeous yummy homemade syrup

Well, I could go on and on - I haven't even included any savoury foods!!!
So if you're not on pinterest head on over - there's more things to try and experiment with than you'll ever have all the time to do but you will find some absolute gems that are sure to be long - time family favourites!

So, as much as Pinterest sucks the spare time out of your day, makes you wish for a bigger house with fantastical proportions and oozing charm of a H&G mag, and all the rest of it... it's all those projects, recipes, hints, tips, quotes to inspire and laugh and identify with that make the Pinterest experience so lovely and addictive.

So, tell me with a comment and a link - What is your favourite pin of all time? I'd love to check it out and have a sticky about your pinterest boards.... and while I'm at it stop by mine and tell me what you think!

Follow Me on Pinterest

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Be sure to stop by again soon to see what other pins have inspired me!

Cheers xo

Feb 2, 2012


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Cheers xo

Oh, and I so promise that very soon I will get back into the swing of regular blogging and more free tutorials ☺

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