May 12, 2012

Life by instagram

Photo a day in May catchup....

Day 9: 
Something you do everyday

Hmm.... time for a new toothbrush I think... strange how showing off a photo of my own toothbrush feels a little personal... was it too much too soon? LOL!

Day 10:
A favourite word

Into the looking glass to see a favourite word or four... oh and I really should have added the word "Escapade"  because who doesn't love a little bit of an escapade to brighten and lighten your day?

Day 11: 

How about a kiss, ginger... this was the going's on and creation from my kitchen on this day... yummo ginger kisses!

Happiness = always my munchkins; sometimes the silence at night; strangely, apple trees - laden with fruit, totally bare or covered in blossoms

And so with that we are up to date...

Wishing all the mum's out there a fabulous and special day tomorrow surrounded by love for mothers day.


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  1. i love the clothespin shot... the tress and sky in the background are perfect

    i love pix of random things!

    1. Why thank-you! It is one of my faves too... I love how simple (old) ordinary things can look beautiful when you least expect!


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