Nov 2, 2010

Beautiful Birthday Cakes - Princesses, a castle and a carousel!

Another closet hobby of mine is cake decorating. Having two little princesses means that each year for their birthday I am unleashed to attempt an iced masterpiece. I learnt some basic cake decorating skills during a term of elective activities at high school and the rest was gleaned from my mum who fostered a love of cooking and creativity in me from a very young age.
I have found through experimentation that I prefer to use marshmallow fondant to decorate with as I find it easier to handle and that it gives a nice smooth finish with relatively little heartache.

This first photo is of me as a little bub and my mum. You see the princess cake there - it is what inspired me to create a princess cake for my beautiful little girls first birthday...
Back in the 70's I guess those hideous orange netting curtains were all the rage!

My first attempt with fondant icing and a princess cake.

My eldest daughters 2nd birthday was only 4 weeks after I had my youngest daughter so it had to be something quick and easy as my little bub had no concept of sleep routines!!!

For my 2nd bubs 1st B'day... my second attempt at a princess cake

My big girls 3rd birthday carousel cake... I was pretty proud of this one - at 1am the morning of her birthday it was almost the carousel cake that never was! Thankfully it all seemed to come together pretty well... even my self painted and decorated little horses (these beauties caused me to fall in love with my glue gun all over again!)




  1. Wow!!!! Those are ALL amazing!!

  2. The carousel cake is amazing and ill be using your beautiful cake to inspire me to creat my own master piece for my daughters first birthday and naming day cake.
    You mentioned you prefer to use marshmallow fondant. I've never made marshmallow fondant before but would love to try it if your happy to share the recipe you use. It's hard to find a good recipe that you know works.
    Again lovely cake and your girls I'm sure would love them.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments... here is the link to a blog post I did for a Christmas cake - it contains the recipe and how to for marshmallow fondant. Enjoy and let me know how you go with your daughters cake and the fondant! :)

  3. your cake is gorgeous! what did you use for the centre of the carousel to hold the top cake? also, i couldn't find the link for the marshmallow fondant - could you please let me know where to find it as i would love to try it. i am very excited about making a carousel cake!! thanks!!


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