May 24, 2012

Birthday Season...

Time for another catch up!

Check out Instagram to see a little more of this funny fellow!

Life is busy, busy, BUSY at the moment! It's birthday season here... Mine, the hubs and my sweet girls all have our birthdays in May and June.

And you know what that means?


I get to go nuts... totally, somewhat overboard (and just a little stressed) about all things cake, party and themes!!!

I LOVE birthday cakes and cake decorating - you may (or may not have) read in a past post (here, here or here)... As I've mentioned in those posts making themed cakes takes me right back to childhood and how magical birthday's were as a child... I want that magic for my girls... the grown up world is sadly lacking in some of that magic sparkle (curse you reality and your horrible responsibilities :P )!

If you check out my instagram you'll get 'hot of the press' sneaky peeks into the prep for my Little Little Miss M's Circus themed party this Saturday (she's three on Monday - OMG!).

And whilst we're on about Instagram...

Here's my catch up pics from FatMumSlims photo a day May Challenge:

DAY 18: Something I made...

Well, I think I've shown you before but here is one of the BOW dolls I made a little while back.

DAY 19: A favourite place...

Outdoors on a sunny day, exploring parks with my two little ladies.

DAY 20: Something I can't live without
(plenty more things I couldn't do without and this is by far not the most important obviously... but you knew that)

DAY 21: Where I stand...
(Every time I thought about this one I'd get that darn Lady Gaga song, Edge of Glory in my mind - not for grandiose, self inflating thoughts but more just standing on the edge... if you get my drift? But alas, I went all boring and everyday...)

Yep... ma legs, ma legs... they kinda look like I'm dangling - which is a little disconcerting, I think the blur did that... oh and from this angle my legs look kinda long (even if they are anyhow - I'm 5'10)

DAY 22: Pink
Simple really... a pretty camellia from the back yard

Okay, we're almost all caught up (one more for now)...

DAY 22: Technology

Well, so much to choose from... Good old internet - It's hard to imagine how we did it before, bit like mobile phones... or even cordless phones for that matter... or temperature controlled heating and cooling... how about remote controls? My older brother and I used to fight to cover the buttons on the box tv when we were arguing over channels... on a TV that came with it's own legs!

Well, there you have it... all caught up!

Not sure if I'll get back on here before the party on Saturda ... I am due to go into 'crazy-lady-stressing-over-a-kiddie-party-that-has-gone-overboard'... but secretly, I'll be loving it!!!


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