Jun 23, 2012

Five. FIVE!!! A party, rainbows and a unicorn cake.

So my big girl just turned five today.

My mind is still trying to comprehend how that can be...

I can still recall the very moments of her coming into this world and my first cuddle like it was only mere months not years ago.

My girl gave me the most special gift I could ever be given - she gave me motherhood. Watching, sharing and creating memories with my girls compares to nothing else.

I love being part of what I hope is happy memory creation.

Here's my girl:

The cake (that took hours and hours over a number of days to create) that she went nuts over... and lets face it - there's a little bit of a lot of vicarious enjoyment on my part):

The candy/cake buffet:

and another:

 And for now, after having the party today I'm so exhausted... so I'll be back in a day or so (once I clean, clean and then clean some more - just can't deal with it tonight and yes, tomorrow in the morning I'll wish I did - but I go to bed with the awareness my cranky morning self will kick my own butt).

I'll have more photo's. I've become a lazy phone camera photo taker - thanks Instagram! But my SIL had her whizz bang camera on hand so I'm hoping she got some good shots so I'll be back to show them off and to dish the info on inspiration sources, the how to's (and the how not's) and to gush a little more about my gorgeous little girls who are growing up...


Jun 20, 2012

Getting ready to PAAAR-TAY!

Only 3 more sleeps till my big girl (aka Big Little Miss M) turns FIVE!!!


Hasn't quite sunk in yet and I'm not sure how the years went quite so fast...

The theme for Saturday's party is rainbow's and Unicorns. Here's a peek at what we've organised so far:

The invites... (not as pretty when I've 'jittered' out personal info but I'm sure you get the idea) I mounted these on rainbow coloured corrugated card stock with a brad.

Some of the tissue paper pom poms:

The chupa-chup lollipop ball... the pops are covered with crepe paper (Still a bit of prettying up to do but it's almost there:

Chocolate spoons (yep, she had some of these on last years birthday candy buffet, but they are so easy and pretty that I had to make them again)

Test run on a good old favourite... marble cake:

Rainbow fondant curlicues:

More candy than you can poke a stick at:

I've been wanting to try this for so long... it took pretty much the whole day with all the layers and waiting for the jelly to set. Many recipes refer to the opaque layer being cool whip but since I can't get that anywhere convenient here in regional Aussieland I just divided each jello mix in half before the step to add the cold water, and in one half mixed through a generous dollop or so of cream to achieve the pastel opaque layer in each colour. Obviously the use of dairy product does impact the longevity of the jelly but this stuff won't be sitting around for very long I'm sure!

It's still all stations go with plenty more to be done before party day... a unicorn costume, cake pops, cupcakes, a unicorn cake, a photo booth backdrop etc etc... all to create a wonderful, magical, unicorn filled day for my very special little lady - after all we only turn five once!

Oh, it's getting late, I'm rushed and my brain is somewhat frazzled but I had to let you know that the sources of my rainbow inspiration can be found over on my pinterest boards - link over on the right side bar - (I wish I could come up with this stuff but mostly I give the highest praise to those creators through the act of imitation and modification - go check out the originals and be amazed at the wonderfully talented and creative bloggers that give us the ideas that allow us to create the magic for our own little ones).

Much love and magical rainbows and unicorns to you!

Jun 14, 2012

Party Planning is in overdrive...

It's late here but we've hit party planning overdrive and my mind just wont shut off much before incy wincy hours of the night... Party ideas, inspirations, colour schemes, invites, RSVP's, candy buffets, loot bags, music, age appropriate party games, decorations, the food... THE CAKE!

I love it but it all doesn't ever happen without a certain measure of stress... and a glass or two or three of a hearty big red wine.

Big Little Miss M, my perpetual dreamer and gentle, emotional soul is unicorn crazy and a lover of rainbows... so her fifth birthday is to be all about magical unicorns and dancing amongst rainbows.

There is so much inspiration to be had all over blogland... Here's some ideas that have tweaked my interest:

How amazing is this cake? I am in awe...

Heather Sherman of Art2Eat created it for her little girls seventh birthday. 
I love the colours and presentation of this rainbow jelly...

SOURCE: Glorious Treats

These unicorn horn - am I the only juvenile minded, sadly deprived SAHM who cringes just a little at the term 'unicorn horn'??? Can I call the party game 'Pin the horn on the unicorn' without visibly twitching? Anyhow, moving on... unicorn party hats...

SOURCE: LaLa Faux Bois

Want to see a rather 'mud-map' like sketch I've scrawled for my girls cake'n'candy table? No... we'll I'll show you anyhow...

Yeah... It's pretty clear in the confines of my minds eye but whether or not it eventually turns out even remotely like I envisage is yet to be seen. Oh and if you're absolutely amazed by my super fine wizardry with the pen (sarc obv) then why not search me out on Drawsomething (the SpaNGler) and fulfil a crazy need I have to waste away time drawing with my index finger when I really should be doing more productive things like sorting this party! Be forewarned though - I am definitely no modern day Picasso!

I ordered and received this nifty lamb cake pan, which by the power of Google I'm led to believe I can transform in to a unicorn... again, yet to be seen - the 'prototype' is in the oven as I type!

Here's a couple of progress shots (but can I tell you from the first oven check that my unicorn is looking somewhat flat and lacking in body shape... hmmm not a good start.

The tin...

The rainbow cake batter (too lazy to zebra or swirl all fancy - just good old fashioned marble cake)

Oh, and amidst all the party planning there was a playground fort to be built in the back yard that has sat garaged in its box for too many months. Why... well check out a small portion of the building instructions...

It seriously took the better part of a whole day (or two) to just number and identify the hundreds of wooden pieces, bolts, nuts, etc etc. It was headache worthy and I'm sure that some factories must deliberately have everything just off square or measured just a little too long or short (which ever the most inconvenient may be) and also there's some sneaky factory line worker who's sneaking just one unthreaded bolt sleeve into every box just for factory floor S&G's whilst also randomly drilling a pilot hole off centre by an inch or so. I wont lie - this playground was an absolute dogs mother to put together (and no, it's not finished yet... almost - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel). To get a peek why not check out my Instagram feed - say hi while you're there and I'll pop by and check out your pics too if that's cool!

Well its really, REALLY late so I need to go catch some Zzzz's before the kiddo's are up in a few hours...
Hopefully didn't bore you too much with the mundane or frustrate you with my muddled thoughts!

Say hi... I don't bite and I'd love to check out your blog to :)


Jun 7, 2012

Dainty doilies..

I love thrift/op shopping. I love vintage and retro finds. I have no room to put everything that I seem to fall in love with at said thrifty stores... Doilies, however... they are small, delicate and girly (not at all 'grandma-ish' as I'm sure I once thought) and I can buy and stash to my hearts content all the whilst the hubs goes on about his day to day oblivious to my thrifty acquisitions (quite unlike my obsession with thrift shop glass and kitchenware)... it's a win/win !

Made these a couple of weeks ago now with a splash of doily... I am in LOVE with them but sadly have no little bubba feet to put in them... If only these were practical in big person sizes... hmm maybe I could jazz up some jeans!

Will have to get some more sewing done and see what else I can do with my collection of thrift find doilies!

BOOTique Bubba Boots... Denim n Doilies

Would love to hear your thoughts on these, suggestions for doily usage and even to learn of some of your doily projects!


Day to day...

Life is still busy... It amazes me sometimes how I can seem to achieve nothing yet have raced around chasing my tail all day!

Most days at some point I actually believe I am suffering from early onset dementia... but then I remember... I am a mum and this is most likely a normal side effect! (Just jokes of course people... maybe... hehehe... OMGoodness I need sleep!)

Constantly amazed at how quickly my beautiful girls are growing up... it is happening right before my eyes. Little Little Miss M is definitely testing the waters of independence and stubbornness... much to both my frustration and admiration - frustrated that it really feels like I'm talking to a brick wall but admiration because my little one is going to be one tough cookie who stands her ground... yay girl power! The little one certainly has got the 'tude... Only just three and has standard answers for most things... 

ME: Pick up your toys and I want you to clean up your room.  
HER: Me a little tired... 
ME: If you don't pick up your toys I will take them away! 
HER (said with utter and bland coolness): That okay, take them away...
ME:  If you want to come with Mummy to the coffee shop/playgroup/shopping/etc you need to pick up your toys first.
HER: Me okay, I stay home.

Grrrrrrrr... but you know what? As frustrated as I may feel I do know that this stage of childhood will pass before I know it and I will reminisce on these times and my memory will replace the frustration with a sense of sadness at just how quickly they go from toddlers to children to teens to adults... I mean, if you read my last post you'll know it only feels like a couple of years since I turned 18 but reality is it's been almost (but not quite) as many years since!

I look at Big Little Miss M and already know that as much as I love how she's growing into her personality and independence I already know that it all feels to have gone too fast!

Its just occurred to me that I need a slow, lazy day... this cold winter weather is making me long to be back living within meters of the beach again... I feel a pyjama day coming on soon!

So here's wishing for a nice, slow, lazy, snuggly, pyjama day with my girls in the very near future!

Jun 1, 2012

The week that's been...

Busy, busy, busy...

I honestly feel like I blinked and I was time transported from Christmas 2011 to now with the first half of the year feeling like it has whizzed by in a blurry whir (actually, it feels like I turned 18 and then bam! The days, months and years began crazily churning over).

Yes... I do always think of how people say the years go faster as you get older... it must be a true sign you're getting older when you start saying this more frequently and then feeling that slight twang of panic and wonder at just how fast can each year get.

*Sigh* Anyway, I think you get the picture... I feel like someone is stealing my hours and pushing fast forward on the clock... even as a young child I used to wish I could stop time by touching my two index fingers together and then race round getting everything I didn't have time to do done... I wish this now more than ever it seems.... what was that television show? (oh the wonder of google... Another World... just watched a few little clips on youtube - man, I never remember it being so dated... haha).

Well, here's a quick catch/round up on the week that's been... 

My gorgeous little one turned three...

My sister in law had a perfectly beautiful baby girl on Tuesday...

My two little ones think their new little cousin is simply ADORABLE

I did a spot of sewing inspired and for the gorgeous little one pictured above...

The bonnet although a XS seems a little big in comparison to the shoes and appliqu├ęd onsie so I might whip up some more over the weekend... little baby clothes make me go all crazy clucky!!!

And now with the next birthday party only three weeks away it's still all party, planning madness around here... My five year old has requested a unicorn rainbow party... so were all about fulfilling magical little girls whimsy and imagination here and I'm just a little bit of a lot excited!

I bought a special lamb cake tin which google and the power of the internet tells me I can refashion once baked into an awesome looking unicorn... I guess that remains to be seen! I've got my fingers crossed for my little girl!

Well, I didn't really keep you all up to date with my photo a day May challenge but it kind of felt like I was doubling up posting it here and on Instagram (and on FB) so if you wanted to check it out search me out on Instagram I'm easy enough to find... (there's even a handy little link in my sidebar ☺)

Cheers till next time... I'm hoping to get more sewing done over the weekend (along with cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and all things equally domesticated... I just might need a glass of red first to find my motivation).


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