Dec 8, 2010

Dex Hamilton Update…

Well, this one's just a quickie... haven't achieved as much sewing wise in the last 24hrs. My poor little pumpkin has been a little off colour (Little little Miss M) and has needed lots and lots of cuddles. I love the cuddles but really hope she is feeling better in the morning.

The Dex Hamilton outfit is coming along - I have cut the shirt body, cut and sewn the sleeves and also done some badges for the arms using freezer paper in the same way as I make my freezer paper labels.

Here they are on the material prior to cutting:


I am just loving using the freezer paper to print on fabric and have a whole lot of crafty ideas floating (read: madly bashing about) in my head of things to do utilising the technique - but they probably wont see the light of day until after Christmas when things slow down again.

Anyhow, back to Dex, after printing the badge pictures I used heavy fusible interfacing to bond another layer of base fabric and then cut and fused the badges onto the sleeve (prior to sewing into a sleeve tube). I then used my sewing machine to tightly zig-zag around the edge. (Picture Below – I haven’t topstitched the arm cycle yet)


Tonight I just played around a little with the collar design - I think this will be the trickiest bit... here's a reminder of what I'm hoping the finished shirt looks like....


keep your fingers crossed for me (otherwise there will be one disappointed 7y/old come Christmas day).

Well, with that I think I should get some sleep (just on midnight here Australian time)

Oh, and tomorrow night I attempt my first gingerbread house – the local Community Church have an annual gingerbread house decorating night – it should be fun. I love decorating cakes but have never tried my hand at gingerbread houses – so stay tuned!!!

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