Dec 31, 2010

Why make one when you could make many...

Hmmm... Its that time of year again when some of us make resolutions, some with the knowledge that come mid February (or even sooner) it will be forgotten and some with a wholehearted belief that this year will be the year they stick to their guns and keep that new years promise to themselves.

Me? I've never been huge on new year resolutions - sure I might formulate a half-hearted kind of resolve but it normally falls into that first category mentioned above that is forgotten by February. This year however, I want that wholehearted belief that this year WILL BE MY YEAR! And just so you are all forewarned, I am going to totally utilise the power of accountability, because I figure that if you all know what I am aiming for this year I will be so much more inclined to actually achieve my goals.

DREAM BIG... BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & ACHIEVE GREATNESS! (I am definitely going to have to do a stitched photo canvas with this saying to remind myself - I ♥love♥ it!)

I have decided that along with the power of accountability I am also going to embrace 'the odds'. What are you talking about I hear you say? Well, 'the odds' is simply about increasing my odds of success... by not making one resolution but many - sure I may not achieve them all (but then again I just may) however I figure I am bound to achieve at least SOME of them and therefore my resolutions will have been given a degree of success and purpose.

So, if you're at all interested here they are (and yes, I am just making these up as I go - it's the best way to do it, isn't it? And besides I imagine most of us are more than aware of just what those nagging things are that they want to change).

I will constantly remind myself that I made the declaration that THIS IS MY YEAR to...

...become healthier (and yes this means losing weight but I don't want it to be my traditional barrage of diets, fads and yo-yoing weight loss & gain, I want it to be a lifestyle thing).

...become more organised... no, not just more organised... I WILL BECOME AN ORGANISED PERSON!

...find more balance in my life - spiritually, financially,physically and on a whole with my family and really in all aspects.

...enjoy THE NOW by not stressing and worrying unnecessarily about what the future may hold, by just trusting that I will follow the right path and therefore should always remember that it's the moments that make the memories, so I really need to be IN the moment.

...have more HAPPY DAYS and be reminded that I can choose my mood, my reaction, my outlook on a situation and therefore I CAN create and I CAN choose to have HAPPY DAYS despite whatever life may throw my way.

Okay, little intermission here... those resolutions above I am thinking are ALL very achievable as they are ones where 'the buck stops with me' so to speak... the following are a little more superficial I guess but still, they are goals...

This year I aim to:
...tame my internet addiction (just kidding but kind of not really - I think this may fall into the whole balance thing, I need to time manage it and treat it a little like a scheduled thing rather than an anytime thing, mostly).

...redecorate/remodel this 1960's untouched gem (read: seriously outdated, only borderline functional) of a house that we moved into 6mths ago - all on a SUPER TIGHT BUDGET - honestly I don't think I could stand a whole year of grey, black and pink vinyl tiles adorning the bathroom and laundry walls. Hubby & I have renovated a couple of times before but always with the luxury of two incomes whereas I promise you (and I will blog about it) this renovation is going to be done with as little money spending as possible.

...hmm that above aim is really a biggie it includes a back deck, exterior paint, bathroom, kitchen and laundry remodel, some flooring in need of an update and a host of little pesky things too...

...rediscover a love of running for fitness and relaxation - RELAXATION??? (that's my brains current innate response to running and relaxation being mentioned in the once sentence). Prior to kiddies I had after many years of equating running to mental torture (that annoying voice that keeps telling you it hurts, why don't you just walk a bit, I cant breath, I think I'm going to have a heart attack, I need a bra not only to support whats up top but a whole kind of whole body sling thing to stop the jiggling, ooh I've got a stitch, I cant run anymore... hmm I'm thinking you get the picture) actually found that it could be relaxing if I just stuck with it enough to find the pleasure in running with just your thoughts and ponderings for company. I want to run a 2.4km (1.5 miles) in my pre-child time of 10mins 38sec - ooooh that's going to be tough, but hey I've got a whole year right?

...set up an etsy shop and actually commit to giving my home business a planned and dedicated chance.

...a family holiday to the beach (back to where we used to live up until about 6 months ago) to catch up with old friends and spend some family time away from the everyday. be satisfied with all that I have been blessed with - a beautiful family, a home, freedoms, love and peace - but to be driven enough to want to improve my life and surroundings whilst being grounded enough to know that true happiness and contentment comes from the heart and all things intangible not from monetary wealth or possessions or social standing.

Well, I think that will just about keep me busy for the moment... in my opinion resolutions are a fluid thing - constantly changing and adapting - I imagine that I will have many new goals through out the year and I hope that you all have a wonderful, safe and happy new year - may it be filled with memories that make you smile, laugh, cry, and revisit from time to time to know that this is life and it truly is a gift.

So, as the sun will soon set on 2010... BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!!!

***the photo's in this post are just a few photographs that I really like which I've taken at various places over the last few years that have the ability to take me back to where I was at the time they were taken - I love that about photographs***


  1. I love the way you are so confident! Great list and lovely pics...happy New Year to you and your family!!

  2. Thank you for dropping by my little blog and for your kind comment.:) We basically said the same thing, you are just WAY more eloquent with your words!! But the message still is that we can choose joy, or not... I am following you back and look forward to your inspiring posts!


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