Dec 10, 2010

Marshmallow puddings & Dex Hamilton


I have finished the Dex Hamilton shirt… yay! My first foray into boys clothing. I am fairly pleased with the final result and I can definitely say I learnt along the way!

Here it is beside my example picture:

If I had to do it again I’d tweak the collar design a little but on a whole I am happy with it…. just hope the little boy who’s getting this for Christmas likes it too!

And just a flash of insanity… its 3am Australian time and I’ve just finished making a plate of marshmallow puddings. There really isn’t enough hours in the day sometimes…


These little puddings are just the easiest plate of Christmas party treats I think you could get. With only a packet of Chocolate Marshmallow biscuits, 100gms of melted white chocolate, a bag of Jaffa's and some cut up mint leaf lollies you’re all set!

Check out the link party at

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating


  1. wow, the Dex Hamilton shirt will be a great gift for the boy who get it. i like it very much. really look the same no difference ;D

  2. That Dex costume is a huge inspiration!

  3. Hey great job on the Dex shirt! I love, love the cheat puddings too!


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