Dec 8, 2010

My gingerbread house…

Well, I’ve never made one before but as I mentioned yesterday the local community church have an annual gingerbread house night… It was so much fun – there were 50 of us busily loading up our houses like candy was going out of fashion!

The one thing I found was, that a gingerbread house in my opinion, can never have too many lollies! Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera along so the only photo's I have taken are from when I got home and the house was already all wrapped in cellophane but I’m just so wrapped (…doh, pun not intended). I am definitely going to have to make one again next year!


So, its starting to feel a little like Christmas… I just cannot wait until the morning and to see the girls faces when they see the house. I’m getting all excited just thinking about their reaction – I will have to remember to have the video camera handy!

1 comment:

  1. Nice! We have a couple of these to do over the holidays :-)


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