Dec 23, 2010

Silence is Golden…


The girls are both having a nap this afternoon – that’s right the TWO of them AT THE SAME TIME – oh for the rare pleasures! I love them both so much I could never adequately put words to the feelings they create within me however it is nice to sometimes just sit back and enjoy the silence.

It has gotten me thinking about different moments that my girls have made me laugh and think just how wonderful, special and untainted the world is through a child’s eyes’. Here are a few of them:


I am forever running late where ever I go, no matter how well I have planned and on one such morning I was getting particularly frustrated as it seemed as soon as I had dressed one lovely the other had chosen to disrobe. This led to me exclaiming in a rather exasperated and strained voice, “Oh Geez! We are running SOOO LATE it’s not funny!” To which my 3 y/old Big Little Miss M turned, looked me in the eye and with the most serious look and equally exasperated voice replied, “But Mummy, I’m NOT laughing!” It certainly made me laugh.

Another morning, planning a trip to the nursery to buy some plants for a new vegetable patch with the hopes that if the girls grow their own vegies they will eat them. I say to Big Little Miss M, “Hmmm… what plants will we get to go into our garden?” After a moment of serious thoughts she rattles of some of the usuals, carrots, potatoes, peas. Then her eyes light up and she exclaims, “I know… A CUPCAKE PLANT… because then I can pick them and eat them yum yum! One with cherries on top!”

Whilst eating a particularly decadent and so not diet friendly dessert I say to husband, “This is so yummy it’s making me sick” to which Big Little Miss M says, rolling her eyes, “Well, just stop eating it then mummy.” Hmmm, if only I had the sense of a three year old…sometimes!

DSC07714My little 18mth (nearly 19mth) old makes me laugh too but not so much with words but expressions and actions. She’s a little more full on than her big sister ever was (I think the term they’ve nicely used to describe her at playgroup is ‘boisterous’). She’s still learning to talk but has the most biggest photo smile and actually says “CHEESE” for the camera. I love how at dinner time I just need to say “Dinner’s ready” to then hear her calling and running for her sister to bring her to the table too, She cant quite pronounce her big sisters name but calls her  “Wawa” which is kinda cute because its not too far off what big sis used to call herself before learning to pronounce her own name.

I love that my girls have such different personalities and I love seeing flashes of what I’m sure they will be like when they grow. They have such compassion and love for one another (when they’re not tugging at either end of a disputed toy, screaming like someone is pulling their nails off!) and I just know they will grow to be fantastic friends, allies, co-conspirators and supporters of each other.

I already cherish the small moments and memories their innocence and youth bring to my life. It’s still nice though to have these quiet moments every now and then to just sit down in the silence and remind myself that although at times they can produce feelings of superb insanity (seriously, there are times I think my head is literally going to explode) they are the most special, fantastic, beautiful gift in my life and I wouldn’t change one crazy, trying, laughter-filled, teary or awesome moment for anything! (Oh, except I may just have gone back in time an hour or so and moved my camera out of their reach in order to prevent what has now become an awesomely unusable piece of digital camera wizardry)


With that said I really should see if I can fix this camera… my post looks so very sad and drab without some photo glam! Hmmm…. time to scour my photo files to jazz it up with a few oldies!

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  1. This is a lovely and sentimental have delightful girls!


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