Nov 26, 2010

Freezer paper for labels…

Just a really quick one for now (it’s 12.30am here in Australia) and I’ll add a little more later today (I was going to say tomorrow but yep, it’s already today!).
Using a great video tutorial from “Crafty Gemini” which you can find here I made up my first label using freezer paper and my home inkjet printer. I have never used freezer paper before as it is not as readily available in Australia.
I found that Spotlight stocks it but you have to ask at the fabric counter as its not on display anywhere in the store. It was a couple of dollars a meter (can’t quite remember exactly but next time I go I’ll re-check).
I did only a couple of things different to the video tutorial because I found it easier.
Instead of attaching the freezer paper to the regular printer paper with glue I left that step out and just ironed my fabric onto the freezer paper (remembering to place it shiny side down on the ironing board).
Then because I didn’t have any glue on hand (I have some somewhere but do you think I could find it?) I just used a small amount of sticky tape on the corners of the freezer paper (as pictured) to attach it to the printer paper (after ironing on the fabric).
*Excuse the little dusty looking pieces of lint – the freezer paper picked them up off my ironing board!!!
But other than that I pretty much stuck to the tutorial.
This tag was for the baby sling I mentioned in an earlier post. I made it tonight (later than I anticipated but I had a pre-school committee meeting to go to earlier tonight) and here’s a picture of the finished tag all sewn on but I’ll have to wait till the morning to get a photo of the sling with a bubba in it Smile.
For now though its time to get some sleep (its getting close to 1am and Little little Miss M will be up at 6.15am like clockwork!)

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