Nov 2, 2010

Looking back - Canvas & Ribbon hair clip board

Well, I haven't really gotten off to such a great start... have gone a little crazy buying some gorgeous fabric from some wonderful online fabric stores but haven't gotten much further than folding it all up neatly in anticipation of turning them into something wonderful!

In the meantime, whilst I attempt to get a little more organised I thought I'd show off a few of my past creations over the next few days.

I made this canvas and ribbon hair clip board for a birthday gift for my daughters friend... my first attempt at one of these but I do want to make some more...

It was a relatively easy project that used a craft store bought canvas, some pearly paint, ribbon, staple gun & hot glue plus any embellishments to jazz it up.

I painted the canvas using a criss-cross motion to get a kind of checkered effect (I did two coats like this).

Then it was just a matter of staple gunning some lengths of ribbon and hot-gluing embellishments and the name letters (which are store bought scrap booking ones)... too easy and I love personalised gifts.

And then I added some home made hair clips (flowers & yo-yo's hot glued onto snap clips)... I was pretty thrilled with the end result.


  1. Cute! Thanks for linking up the Baby & Child Gift Link Party!

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