Nov 24, 2010

Looking back at last Christmas' handmade dresses and a little extra...

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas has snuck up on me… only 31 days away!
Last year I think I was so much more organised and industrious. I had the girls Christmas dresses made plus had a number of hand made toddler and girls dress and shoe sets for sale in a local crafty store on consignment.
Here are a few of last years dresses…
Hmmm… I’m still hopeful I’ll get SOME Christmas sewing done this year but in a moment of madness a few months ago I felt I needed to be doing more with my mind and I enrolled with a full time study load at University to study via distance. So, over the next week and a half I have some big-ish exams. But never-the-less I am still hopeful.
Although, that does remind me, I still have a custom made Dex Hamilton costume to get started on… and a baby sling for one of my mothers group mums who just had a little bubba. BUSY BUSY!
sling pic
AND that’s not to mention the Christmas shopping at some stage – it only feels like a week or two since the July sales and I was thinking it would be nice to get ALL the gift shopping done early… oh well, maybe next year I’ll be more organised (soon, you will all see that the bane of my existence is my lack of organisation – I can and am often organised but it is seriously hard work!!!).
I was really hoping that I would have my ebay store back up and running but it’s going to have to wait a week or two… Besides I think it might take that long to get my head around HTML code which after much resitance I've decided to finally learn a little about.
Till next time Smile
Oh... The Christmas cake... another thing I really have to get onto right away. I might post the recipe here tomorrow - its my FAVOURITE - my mouth is watering just thinking about it...

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