Nov 17, 2010

Another day another refashion…

Two days sewing in a row… now that’s something that doesn’t happen too often these days!
I started off with plans to refashion this skirt (which began life as a Size 10 girls skirt) into a dress for my Little Little Miss M (18mths old)…
I wanted a shirred bodice, so I cut it open and removed a portion from the side to allow material for arm bands. After shirring and a little snip here and there plus a little bit of trial and error with the arm straps it finally came together… BUT… I decided this suited my Little Big Miss M (3.5 y/old) better because of its length (I didn’t want to re-hem especially since it had such a nice trim already).
So, that meant that the first refashion from yesterday went to Little Little Miss M…. who was quite happy with her big sisters dress.

So, I’m wondering if tomorrow I might make something from scratch. Since the weather is starting to really warm up I think I may make some bright twirly skirts… every girl loves twirly skirts don’t they?


  1. Adorable.....LOVE how the refashion worked out! Isn't it thrilling to make a whole new outfit out of something you were no longer using. Love it!!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I am inspired by so many different refashioning blogs - your wonderful blog included! I LOVE the bargain/thrifty aspect of refashioning too!

  3. This is great! Well done, I love the colours of your first dress; turquoise and brown is the best colour combination! Welcome to the world of blog by the way


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