Nov 22, 2010

Lacking organisation...

I really, really need to get organised and declutter... the girls have too many clothes, too many toys and waaaaaaaay too many shoes (hmmm and I haven't even looked in my closet yet). Well, mostly it's my hoarding self retaining everything that the girls have grown out of.

(I wont tell my darling husband - although truthfully he knows this - I keep it all because of the hope I have for another little precious pumpkin to complete our family... I've often heard other women say they just knew when they were 'done' so to speak with 'baby making' and I just haven't had that feeling. Its kind of strange but I just feel like I am meant feel that unexplainable miracle of holding another newborn in my arms at least one more time - it makes me gushy just thinking of it!) Anyhow, not sure if that's a little too personal but it's whats on my mind at the minute.
I have declared Christmas to be a TOY FREE ZONE this year and I have to say my Little Big Miss M has taken this declaration very well - to the extent of even telling me she already has enough toys!

Delved into the garage (boxes and boxes of things still unpacked since our move over 6 months ago) and found a whole box of forgotten fabric! YAY!

Well, here's to getting decluttered, organised and maybe even another forgotten discovery or two in the process.

What's with the crab photo at the start you say? Its just a pic I took prior to our move away from the beach and I've always liked it.

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