Nov 20, 2010

10.5 years and I’ve only just discovered…

Well, I have owned my trusty overlocker for just over 10 and a half years and I have never ever tried lettuce edging. Just the thought of rethreading or changing overlocker settings scared me more than I could handle.
But a week or two ago my mother in law asked me to lengthen the sleeves on a top for her and lo and behold it was stretch jersey which necessitated a lettuce type edge. Now I don’t even know if I did it properly because most things I read suggested I needed to do it with only 3 threads (my serger is a 4 thread) and well that whole rethread thing got me… so my lettuce edging/rolled hem I did with all threads untouched and only what I discovered were minor adjustments to the machine.
Differential feed reduced to 0.5 and tension to R (which I assume is for rolled hem – one might consult the manual but I really just wanted to get on with it).
Fabric cutter disengaged
and a little flick of a switch and HEY PRESTO…
We went from this:
To this:

So all in all, I really don’t know why I hadn’t given this type of serging and over locking a go sooner because now that I have I really REALLY like it… Look out for more lettuce edging soon… Smile with tongue out

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  1. Her shirt looks a lot better with the contrasting White.. Good job.
    I don't have a problem threading my serger . Simply cut the threads and tie a knot, cut the tails off close to the knots and run the machine till all the threads come through. I do have to thread the needle sometimes but most times the thread makes it. I have had my serger for about 4 years now and still learning.


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