Nov 3, 2010

The backyard is ours…

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, the washing wash hung out and it was shaping up to be a lovely backyard day… Until the air was filled with a faint buzzing that became louder and louder (I was inside at the time). Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I peeked out the front… nothing, which was strange because the buzzing was really pretty loud by now. I checked out back and lo and behold the sky was filled with masses of bees! Now I understand everything has its place in the environmental scheme of things but that did nothing to allay the fear that settled over me – I really am not a bug person, especially not a fan of any that have the ability to bite or sting. Now, I wish I managed a photo of this frightening swarm in flight but I really was quite scared and couldn’t quite think straight other than to forcefully ensure my little ones went no where near the doors for fear of them letting any in.
I felt a little braver today and managed to photograph the swarm all nestled in and making themselves comfy on one of the trees out the back (mind you I utilised the mega zoom on my camera to ensure a mighty distance between them and I!)
I was about an hour away from calling an apiarist but I peeked out this afternoon and almost mysteriously, they were gone.
So the bees had the run of the yard for a day but tomorrow…

THE BACKYARD IS OURS AGAIN! Here’s hoping for a sunny day Open-mouthed smile

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