Nov 19, 2010

The Little Birdie Twirly Skirt

The girls and I had a lovely sunny morning strolling around the local fauna park. I was pretty impressed as most the animals were out and about… saw lots of kangaroos, birds, a couple of koalas, an emu, crocodile and a few snakes.
And an added bonus to the 2 hours we spent wandering the fauna park was the girls simultaneously had an awesome afternoon nap. WOOHOO, so that meant I actually had time to sew up the skirt I drafted a pattern for last night.

So, it turned out pretty close to how I imagined it being. The waist across the front is a flat panel with the rear waist panel being elasticised. I was going to use adjustable elastic but got a little lazy and just opted for the regular stuff.

And then I presented it to little big Miss M upon her waking from her afternoon nap. It was greeted with much gushing, giggles and excitement from her – which I think is so special because I’m guessing at some p0int  she’ll crinkle her nose with disdain at the idea of wearing homemade (but I’m hopeful that I can ensure she develops a passion for sewing and creating before then, thus averting the nose crinkling disdain).
So it was out into the back yard for a play and a frolic under the sprinkler – loving summer!

Managed to get just a couple of shots before both she and her sister got absolutely drenched….
What a fun day Smile

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