Nov 22, 2010

Aint it Grand…

 Well, yesterday I got busy again (I think this warm summer weather is inspiring me to make light summery girly clothing) and did up a skirt for Little little Miss M.

I used the tutorial from Grand Revival found here. Now the skirt is for a size 5/6 and my little girl is only a 1 so I made some adjustments but next time I’ll make the under layer a bit longer cause you can barely see it on my one.

But if you look closely there is a little bit of pink checker peeking out the bottom.

The other thing I did was embellish a plain white Target T-shirt (on sale for $3.75 – must go get some more Smile) with some tuxedo ruffles.

I have seen many tutorials online with this done but I didn’t really follow any in particular – I just over locked the edge of three matching strips, ruffled them, drew some lines on the shirt and sewed them down.

I had a few ‘doh’ moments with the skirt which meant my quick unpick got a little bit of a work out (sewed the bottom tier on inside out – my excuse is it was late at night Winking smile).

I am pretty pleased how the outfit turned out on a whole though.

Since the t-shirts were a bargain I did up a co-coordinating t-shirt for Little big Miss M and the skirt we sewed up the other day.

I cut the bottom hem off the t-shirt and did a lettuce edge along the bottom. Cut two circles each from the birdie and red fabric and over locked the edges. Did the stems in the blue ric rac and then sewed the circles on with a little pinch or two in the middle to give it a bit of a ruffle.

 The girls were happy & that made me pretty happy too!

Over the next couple of days I want to sew up some ruffled diaper/nappy covers and I have to get started on a costume request for a Dex Hamilton outfit. Hmmm… busy busy Smile

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