Dec 31, 2011

As the year draws to a close...

Well, it's the last day of 2011... where on earth did the year go?
It feels like I blinked and here's 2012 on our doorstep!

I had a peek back at my resolutions made a year back (you can have a peek here if you like)... It'd be nice to say - woohoo, nailed them all... but you know what is wasn't all good but it wasn't all bad. I achieved some to great degrees and others to smaller degrees. All in all though the partial successes have made the whole process worthwhile.

Life has somewhat overtaken my blogging in the latter part of the year... I started it all gung-ho and keen but then found I was struggling to keep up the frenetic pace I'd set myself and was selling myself short in all areas as a result.

Life has been good to me this past year - not perfect, but it's not meant to be. There has been struggles (some that continue) but there have been many, many, sun shiney perfectly blissful days filled with the laughter of my girls and the joy of life in general.

My sweet little bubba's are growing - so quick, too quick! I'm filled with excitement for them but a feeling that's tinged with fear - for the future and what it holds for them, for the loss of innocence and those baby faces and whole hearted belief in absolutely anything you say to them, I fear the harshness that life sometimes holds will tarnish their perfectly trusting souls... and you know what, there's a whole lot of sadness too at a passing of a life stage for me. I don't think the future holds any more little bubba's for me (I can hope but the realist in me says it's not to be) and so with the reaching of every milestone there's a certain sadness in the knowing that I'll most likely never be here at this point again... my Little Little Miss M is now fully toilet trained - no more nappies (diapers!), such a happy and looked forward to happening, not to mention the dollars to now be saved... but it too (however crazy and ironic it may seem) was coloured with that same sadness....

But onward and forward we go... what will 2012 hold? I'm conflicted with feelings of uncertainty today as I write this... it's a little foreign and I can't quite pin it down but uncertain is just how it feels at this very moment about 2012 and what it may hold for me and those I love... but that's what makes life what it is - the uncertainties, the surprises, the expected and not so...

Now for a flash back photo scape of the year that has been for my two most favourite people in the world...

Big Little Miss M           &           Little Little Miss M


The Girls and their Pa on their first trip to the Lake for water skiing


Little Little Miss M... mighty impressed with my offerings of bribery for the perfect photo

My two munchkins

Love this moment... two sisters who love like no other quietly sharing
their home baked cookies


Little Little Miss M turns 2


Big Little Miss M turns 4


Impromptu backyard ballet :)

Kangaroo Bounce bounce bounce... shenanigans at the
local fauna park 

The Ballerina...

...and the beautiful bee


How about them lemons?

Me, oh my!

Big little Miss M in a SpaNGle garment
The girls in some gorgeous SeeSam creations

Love displays of  sisterly affection ♥

Laughing with pure abandon is infectious


A new tradition began... Elfie came to visit

My little ladies loving all things Christmas

The took-all-Christmas-eve-night to put together new beds (Ikea KURA) and bedroom
set up for my girls

...till next year when we meet again! xoxox

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