Dec 5, 2011

Elfies Adventures continue... Day 4

DAY 4: December 4th 
I was a little tired this morning... normally I'm up before the girls but today I over slept and was woken by a bit of a commotion in the kitchen.

Immediately I remembered I'd set Elfie up on the kitchen table... "NO!" I thought as I leaped from bed thinking that I'd find my two girls tugging at either end of Elfies little body - My Little Little Miss M has been oh so desperate to give Elfie a hug, whereas my Big Little Miss M has taken on the role of "Elfie Police" and definitely does not want Elfie to lose his magic abilities by being touched by little sister! I thought for sure they'd be arguing over it...

I was so pleasantly surprised...
Big Little Miss M was telling Elfie off and Little Little Miss M was throwing her two cents in also...
You see today Elfie was a little bit naughty...
He obviously had good intentions when he started off by setting the table with their bowls, cups and the box of Rice Pops. But alas he must have tired and gotten bored of waiting for them to awake.
Instead he'd upended a decent amount of Rice Pops on the table and made snow angels!
That naughty Elfie!

Big Little Miss M helped me diligently clean up and later that morning I even spied her giving Elfie a very 'mum-like' talking to about behaviour and what is and isn't acceptable... hehehee!

If you've an awesome idea for some Elfie antics I'd love to hear them... most of my ideas are coming from Pinterest - yes, pinterest I think I love you!

So, till tomorrow (well actually later today) I'm off to catch some zzz's... 
but not before preparing Elfie for his next morning of elf shenanigans!

Cheers x

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