Dec 4, 2011

Elfies Escapades.... Day 3

Just a quickie for now... I'll be back later today...

DAY 3 (December 3rd - I'm posting a day late) of Elfies Escapades

I deliberately left the tree without a star up top on December 1 when the girls and I decorated our tree.
During the day prior the girls and I had discussed the need for our tree to have a star at its peak.

Well on night 3 Elfie came through with the goods!
The girls awoke, searched the house and Little Little Miss M found Elfie perched up on a sparkly gold star.
Big Little Miss M declared that Elfie must of heard us talking and caught a shooting star on his journey back from the North Pole.

I'm loving Elfie being here maybe even more than the girls... what magical fun memories are in the process of being created! ♥

Cheers x

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