Dec 7, 2011

More of Elfies Antics...

Day 6 (December 6) and Elfie is so, so loved by my girls.

I lie in bed and listen as they bounce out of bed, search the house - each with their own little ditty and chatter going on... there's shuffling, cupboards opening, cupboards closing, a random, "Elllllfiiiiiie?" called out here and there.

And then it happens, a squeal of delight... one calling to the other to share the discovery.

Yep, Elfie has found a little spot not only somewhere about the home each morning but a little spot in the heart of each of my two girls.

A little Christmas magic created, happy memories to treasure - the wide eyed expressions, the chuckles, the little twinkle in their eyes, the respect they are showing that little elf, how for EVERY night since Elfie arrived the only book they want read to them at bedtime is Elfie's book (The Elf on the Shelf, a Christmas Tradition) - for all these reasons Elfie has found a little spot in my heart too.

And where was he today?

Well today after all that travel to and from the North Pole Elfie clearly needed a little hit of sugar...

...he discovered the girls gumball machine (and no it is not gum in there - I cant imagine giving a 2 and 4 year old gum... well not my two anyhow, I'm not judging anyone who does, how can I really? Is candy coated chocolate any better? Probably not...) and decided it was a good a place as any to spend the day!

The girls thought it was quite amusing (after I reassured them that Elfie truly wouldn't eat all the candy and there would still be some left for them!)

Good times!

So, now I'll be off to see what Elfie is going to get up to tomorrow!

Hope your Christmas season is beginning to fill with Christmas magic too!

Cheers x

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