Dec 2, 2011

Worst Blogger Nominee and Elf on the Shelf...

First the nomination and then the fun of the Elf....

If there were an award for the worst blogger I'd certainly be up there with a nomination for most sporadic blogger at present... I started blogging and loved it (still do), loved sharing some refashions and tutes with you all.  

Then I decided the time had come to expand my home sewing and selling a little, especially since leaving the workforce to be a stay at home home and the perception that I had more times on my hands... ha! I don't know how I fit work in before! Full credit to those who work outside the home, parent, blog and more!

Well, not that I'm complaining but it really has come to dominate a large percentage of my 'me' time. The evenings when my two girls are asleep, the afternoons when they nap and any other moment I can grab in between, including the time I used to spend doing refashioning tutes and blogging :(

Now, I keep declaring I'm going to be here more often, whip up another tute for you and the fact that I haven't seems to keep me away from here more and for longer when really I do want to continue to blog - for me, for my family (one day I hope my girls will enjoy reading some of their earlier entries) and also to share with you!

So, rather than just slip out of the blogoshpere because I haven't a tute or some amazing refashion for you I'm just going to try and mix it up a little... make it a little more personal, a little more broader in scope. 
More about the day to day, what I've been sewing, what I've been cooking, what's caught my eye on Pinterest and yes, from time to time a tutorial if the inspiration and creativity strikes!

So, I'm kicking it off with at the very least to keep you all updated on our families first year of "Elf on the Shelf"

Introducing "Elfie" (yes, I'm certain there are many Elfie's out there - my 4yo and 2yo collaborated and came up with a name that I'm sure is often picked - but doesn't it suit him?).

My girls made and wrote letters to Santa on the 30th November and we sent them via North Pole Express Delivery Service asking if Santa could send an elf to spend some time with us in the lead up to the big day.

Well Santa came through and our very own elf arrived overnight, bringing with him a breakfast from the North pole - waffles, cream & syrup and a huge berry and melon fruit platter. He brought a few little gifts - some Christmas mugs for hot chocolate, some frozen cups for summer slushies (Australian Christmas can be a hot one!), advent calendars and a few sweet treats to eat whilst decorating the tree that Elfie brought along too!

Big Little Miss M was bursting with excitement, declaring, "Santa must be real!" 

 Little Little Miss M wide eyed with wonder just kept saying "Wow.... wow!"

We read the book together, popped on some jingle bells and rudolph, ate breakfast and then set about decorating the tree...

The girls thought these 'earrings' were brilliant.... Baubles - the season's hottest look!

Ooh, Elfie got to listen to some very amusing conversations today... my big girl at only 4 years old was questioning if Elfie was 'real' or just pretend before deciding he definitely was magic and NO ONE could touch him and my little little 2 year old just wants to cuddle him and talk babble talk all day to him!

Such a fun day... and now to set up Elfie's next 'elfscapade' for tomorrow! 

Come back tomorrow to see what Elfie's been up to...

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  1. Lovely idea. It is hard to work on your craft as well as keep up the blogging. We can only try. Mine has been a bit sporadic lately too. Cheers.


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