Dec 12, 2011

Are you all 'elfed' out yet?

DAY 10 & 11 - The Elfie Diaries.

Friday night was night number ten whereupon we have had the pleasure of Elfies company. 

Elfie, himself that night had the pleasure of the company of Barbie, who he took on a lovely, friendly dinner. He donned the suit, polished his good shoes, whipped up supper and as any gentleman should, brought Barbie some beautiful flowers!

It was interesting to see the ever so slight twangs of jealousy in Big Little Miss M who curiously asked, "Mum, why is Elfie being so nice to my toys and not me?"

So that led to the need for DAY 11 to be slightly more interactive and inclusive of the girls... after all Elfie deserves to stay in favour with them doesn't he?

Elfie crept into their room whilst they were peacefully and deeply sleeping. Armed with some bright red paint and a brush Elfie gave the girls bright red noses... just like Rudolph but cuter!

He then painted them a little picture and note:

Before leaving them with a direction to look in the mirror and all the paints so they too could paint and create!

So are you all elfed out? We here are definitely NOT! The girls adore Elfie and I am having such fun with him too. Nothing beats being able to enliven their imaginations and to see the wonder, awe, excitement and sparkle in their eye coupled with the sound of such pure laughter.

Like I'm always saying to my girls, "You make my heart smile" :)

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