Dec 27, 2011

Elfie... the condensed edition ☺

Okay... so I got to day 12 and then we went AWOL! Caught up in the Christmas festivities, the crazy last minute gift buying and the family lunches and more.

If you are a fan of my facebook page... SpaNGle* would have been kept up to date on all the Elfie adventures, escapades, shenanigans and plus a spot of sewing and a sale here and there too!

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So, here's the condensed version of days 12 - 24... we had such fun and I'm soooo glad I've started this tradition for my girls. The magic and innocent belief of children is wondrous! Truly! I'd never even heard of The Elf on the Shelf until this year via one of my internet addictions... Pinterest! Honestly, I want EVERY child to have one... my girls ADORED Elfie and it was amazing to see and hear them leap out of bed each day in search of Elfie!

DAY 12

Elfies 12th day was spent just chillin' in the kitchen fridge freezer... He'd brought along his favourite Christmas scarf and earmuffs and if he closed his eyes it was almost like being home at the North Pole!

DAY 13

And on the 13th day they searched high, they searched low, in cupboards and drawers but Elfie was nowhere to be found indoors. 
So out they ventured and there he was... on the front porch, kicking back soaking up some sun, kitted out in his special SpaNGle* shorts and sunnies... why? Just because!!!

DAY 14

Day 14 and Elfie really is making himself at home... today the girls discovered him happily sewing away in the 'sewing cave' that is SpaNGle*... an unforeseen development was then my two girls debating just what and for who he was sewing!!!

DAY 15

Elfie was found under the Christmas tree proudly showing off his offerings of the day... a gingerbread house for the girls all studded and adorned with some SpaNGle* of the candy variety!!!

DAY 16

Remember day 14? Elfie was found sewing away in SpaNGle* HQ and the girls began to debate and hypothesise about for whom and what was Elfie sewing... well it turns out that Elfie was hard at work putting the finishing touches on their Santa's helpers outfits!!!! 

This morning after slaving away in the sewing cave he was found all curled up asleep in the girls baby doll cradle... all snuggled up amongst the finished garments!

Elfie just knew they'd look gorgeous in their SUPER SpaNGle*y outfits! ;)

DAY 17

And now I guess you want to know about Elfie's 17th day... well, Elfie was so darn tired that on day 17 he decided to take just the smallest of breaks and simply sat around ALL. DAY. and did what he was sent to do - Elfie spent the day simply being the Elf on the Shelf!!!
Rumour has it he was just catching his breath to get ready for the final run to the big day!!!

DAY 18

 Elfie heard we were heading to the city for a family catch up... he'd packed his baubles and a few essentials, warmed up Barbies Jeep and was all set for the drive...

DAY 19

Elfie was found relaxing in a bath of Christmas candies... apparently it's good for Elfies complexion!

DAY 20

Time for a spot of fishing out on the rear deck. He managed to get quite a few hours of fishing in before the girls FINALLY found him!

DAY 21

Today Elfie arrived with some special Magic Elf Seeds (small candy) and instructions to plant them in sugar and to sprinkle with snow (desiccated coconut), leave them awhile to see what will grow.... hmmm I wonder what the seeds will become???

DAY 22

 I was awoken today by my eldest jumping up and down and squealing.... "Mummy, come look! You won't believe your eyes!" So up I stumbled all bleary eyed over to where all the commotion was...

The magic elf seeds! Elfie had watched them grow all night into some truly magical Christmas pops... The girls were bursting with excitement!

(The inside scoop: Elfie was going to go all Martha Stewart and whip up some homemade magic seed products but you know what? It's awful busy this time of year for a little elf... so Martha, you win this round! LOL)

DAY 23

Elfie heard the girls lamenting the fact they did not have any Christmas stockings so this morning he was found just hanging around... in some brand spanking new stockings direct from the North Pole! 

DAY 24

Only one sleep till Christmas and the last morning my girls would wake up to Elfie and his antics for this year...

Much like his welcome breakfast, Elfie had laid out a feast to let the girls know how much he enjoyed being here this December and for them to remember that although he would have to go home when he heard Santa's sleigh bells he would be back next year!

****    ****    ****

So there you have the quick abridged version of Elfie's visit 2011. Have you got an Elf?

I picked mine up from Amazon and he was sent all the way from OS... I could not find a seller in Oz who stocked or had in stock this fabulous Elf and included book!

Follow the link to get your very own Elf on the Shelf - you can buy your own elf in preparation for next year! I can't wait already! 


Cheers & catch you all soon - hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas! xo

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