Dec 10, 2011

An Elfie catch me up...

I think Elfie has by far become one of my favourite purchase of the year!

My girls are absolutely taken by him, their first waking thought being of Elfie, where he might be and what he's been up to whilst they slept.

I love Elfie as much as my girls do and am having such fun seeing the excitement and laughter and joy that Elfie has brought with him. (Oh, and I might add, yes there has been a few tears too - My big girl really doesn't want to make the naughty list and this is her first thought upon being reprimanded for anything at the moment... yes, she wails and is quite the drama queen (and I love her for it... she will definitely be my emotional girl who wears her heart on her sleeve), throwing herself onto her bed and through sobs declaring that she's trying to be a good girl.

Little Little Miss M still just wants to give Elfie big squeezy hugs but she seems to understand the no touching rule - much better than I thought she might actually.

EVERY night since Elfie has arrived and still the girls want no other book read to them at night than Elfies 'Elf on the Shelf' book... 
I'm going to know that book by heart, cover to cover by Christmas Eve!

Anyhow, here's the recap on Elfies last few days, the antics, the shenanigans, the adventures, the escapades...

Elfie had been busy making himself a beaded name keepsake... sitting under the tree, just waiting for the girls to wake with enough supplies for them to have a lovely crafty afternoon.

Day 8: 

Now this was a little rushed... you see I was so tired the night before and my little girl was restless and not sleeping. So I lay down with her thinking I would for just a few minutes to help calm her. Well fast forward some 8 or so hours and its 7am and I'm just waking from my 'few minute' lay down.
I woke with the very thought that the girls had been waking with for the past 7 mornings.... "ELFIE!"
I had fallen asleep without moving or setting him up... what to do????

I race out of the room before the girls roll out of bed and stuff Elfie in the laundry hamper thinking he might have to hide outside today... Long story short - the girls searched the house AND the backyard - they were quite concerned that Elfie had not returned from the North Pole.

Lucky whilst they were searching the yard I grabbed the milk, threw in some food die, tucked Elfie into the handle and popped him back in the fridge.

So the girls thought it both relieveing and hilarious that Elfie was in the fridge with some milk he'd turned green.... 

They had green porridge for breakfast and were also both mighty proud of their green milk mo's.


Elfie had gone back to some of his mischievousness ways and pulled an old school prank...
He TP'd the Tree!

Thank you Pinterest for being a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas - I'd struggle to do Elfie without the wonderful contributions from such wonderfully crafty people.

Now to just scheme up another little something for Elfie to do... ☺

Cheers till next time xo

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