Apr 30, 2011

Amongst other things... I'm working on being more organised

Here are a few things I've been working on... mostly they should have been done long ago. Being organised is definitely a skill I was not gifted with.

Anyhow, I'll continue to work on my organisation skills but in the meantime here are some projects I did complete (and know that there are still a few that I'm working on...)

Pillow covers being sent up north for a cause (which should have been done a while ago - I hope they can still be put to use though...)

Another set of overalls... I absolutely have fallen in love with this fabric!

Here's a close up of the fabric... loving the gorgeous butterflies

And another denim set...

Some fun with the girls drawing... (sorry about the really poor photo quality - I'm still lamenting the permanent breakdown of my 'good' camera and haven't committed to a new one yet - those babies are expensive!)

 I'd never heard of newspaper end rolls before... see the massive roll of paper above? That's a newspaper end roll (I learned of them during the PATTERN DRAFTING COURSE I did as we used them to draw up our block patterns). They are a bargain... picked it up at the local newspaper office for $7 - there's plenty for the girls to draw and paint to their hearts content and still plenty for me too!

Such a great way to fill an hour or two... Here's one of the pieces that now adorns their bedroom wall:

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend... and if I get a little more organised I'll have another tutorial posted in the next few days - something a little different this time, not a clothing refashion but rather an update of sorts to a rather ugly home fixture! ☺


  1. Those cushions are so sweet..of course there is room for more! Please tell me how you did that lovely mosaic too..I love the framing and background around all four. You are very clever on that computer of yours.

  2. They've arrived and they're very cute! Thank you..I think these are about the last we'll be sending. That was a fantastic effort!

  3. Those overalls are just so cute! :D

  4. You are just so crafty! I'm completely jealous. I have not ONE single crafty bone in my body. Ugh.

    Look at those adorable babies in those pics!! Love it!


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