Apr 19, 2011


Hmm… I don’t post a lot about me and I kind of like being a little bit elusive but this is my blog so tonight it’s a little more of a personal one – just thoughts and reflections… (have you noticed how much I like to abuse the use of … suspension points?☺)

Little Little Miss M1

It’s about a year now since I left the workforce and a career to stay at home with my girls and be a SAHM… trading briefs, court appearances and researching case law for changing nappies (diapers), playgroup sessions and googling the effects of all sorts of supposedly non-edible household substances (yep, my youngest does love to eat EVERYTHING… mascara, bonjella, coins… I don’t think I’m a bad mum surely some of you out there have a little one who even under supervision seems to find, hide then eat whatever they can get their cheeky little hands on – I do feed her you know!)

Big little Miss M1

It was a little daunting at first leaving the security of an income and job that I’d been doing for close to ten years .

There are many days that it feels like a lifetime away … almost the life of a different person. But then again I guess I am a different person now…

Little Misses2

I once received a state commendation for successfully negotiating an armed hostage/siege situation… now I negotiate toy equity and lolly aisle tantrums whilst sometimes feeling like I am being held to ransom!

I used to go to work and argue bail oppositions and make sentencing submissions… now I direct and govern the ‘naughty spot’ and make attempts to explain behaviour and consequence to a 3 year old (my little one [almost two] year old is just being introduced to the ‘spot’)…

Little Misses

We have some pretty crazy, crazy days… I don’t know how I fit work in before? Sometimes I look around and it feels like I haven’t made a dent in the laundry pile, the kitchen dishes and there seems to be a mocking kind of layer of dust about… kind of overwhelming at times…

But in amongst all that I have two beautiful, exuberant, fun-loving and healthy young girls who can bring a smile, not only to my mouth and eyes but to my heart and soul with the littlest of innocent gestures… they allow me to share their day giving me a first hand peek into life through the eyes of a child… to listen to the pure joy and innocence of made up songs in a language unknown to adults but understood by children…

Little Misses1

For all the hard days, the days where I feel like I’m being sent crazy (for the bazillionth time) and the days where everything seems to be a little much… it’s nice to just reflect, realise and acknowledge how lucky I am and how a simple smile, cuddle or “I love you” from the two most precious little people in my world is worth more than a lifetime of the worst days… I wouldn’t trade it for anything!



  1. This is a beautiful post and expresses the sentiments of my heart as well...I wouldn't trade being a SAHM for anything!!

  2. Thank you for sharing about you! I know something else that has to be shared too..you have a kind and generous heart..thank you for helping me with the banner for my little shop and organising the button as well! I can't help but overuse exclamation marks with anything I just want to shout about..haha!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing! Your girls are cute.


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