Apr 4, 2011

Pattern Drafting… the smart way

maria martin pattern drafting
A few days ago I attended a pattern drafting workshop… and it absolutely blew me away! It’s a relatively new pattern drafting method and ruler that is so amazingly simple to use it’s genius…although it’s clear that a whole lot of hard work has been done in the development of such a system.

It’s called the Maria Martin Designs Pattern Drafter. The lovely Maria ran the workshop and announced in her opening introduction to us all that in the space of a mere few hours we would draw up a pattern block for a dress, trousers, sleeves and a collar using our own measurements… and then actually sew up a calico of the dress block to do a fashion parade of sorts. I was sceptical, this sounded like a lot to fit into the day.

front and back dress block

Well, we all did it and easily too! Maria, using her prior years of experience as a seamstress, dressmaker and sewing teacher has developed an all in one ruler that enables you to easily and quickly convert just a few basic measurements into an accurate pattern block minus the math, stress and frustration that seemed for me to go almost hand in hand with drafting a pattern from scratch.

Maria’s done all the hard yards and converted all the right equations, grading's and done all the research to come up with a product that I honestly think is going to be HUGE in the sewing world – for professional and home sewer alike!

pant block pattern

If it hasn’t become apparent, I am just in awe of this dress making tool – if it doesn’t take the sewing world by storm then the sewing world is missing out! It is so simple to use and straight forward that even a beginner can produce fantastic results… our class consisted of women ranging in sewing ability from a beginner who hadn’t used her new sewing machine yet to some women who had been sewing clothing for decades – but we all found the pattern drafter able to easily produce a well fitted calico in quick time for yourself or others… it can produce block patterns for sizes 8 to size 30 Australian, 2 to 24 American, 34 to 56 European… AND for those not in Australia or on the metric scale Maria’s system is available for purchase online and soon will be marketed in America… AND she is working on a pattern drafter for children sizes – you can bet I want to be first in line for that one!

Anyway, enough gushing – you really should check it out for yourself and unleash your inner designer. Here’s a short video of Maria demonstrating The Pattern Drafter….
Maria Martin Designs Pattern Drafter
or Click HERE to visit her website and find out a little more about the next big thing!

You may think the system is a bit expensive for $385 but you will be converted if you give it a chance and weigh up the comparisons of other systems, rulers and also just from the time saving aspect alone.

So, here’s a pic of a dress shape that I want to use as inspiration using my new block pattern… I like the neckline – but perhaps not so plunging, I love the belted waist and the below knee length… I am not really a dress kind of girl of late but I think that this pattern drafting system just may have the potential to change that because mostly I don’t wear dresses as I just don’t like how they look on – my post children body is just not a standard size (what is a standard size these days anyway, hey?)

a little inspiration

I’ll be sure to show it off here when it’s done too!

Now, as for tutorials… here’s the before of my next project:
country road top

Its a large Country Road tiered ruffle top – another thrift shop find… was going to keep this for myself but really, ruffles on a larger frame, especially over my middle section really does not do me any favours so it’s going under the (knife) scissors… the top that is!!!

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Cheers xo

Oh... and just so you know - I'm not getting any benefit or inducement for sharing with you my opinions on Maria's Pattern Drafter... I am sharing my opinion with you all because I honestly was so impressed with the workshop and the drafting ruler AND because I'll be using it to do some adult tutorials for clothing (might be a nice change now and then from the toddler/girls clothing tutes, what do you think?)


  1. This is something that I would most definitely be interested in....thanks for sharing, off to check out her blog now :)

  2. Yes, I can see you in that dress. And it was the most inspiring day I've had for awhile. But more woolly wonders await me, as I set up more projects, and then fix the sewing space so I can get the sewing done. I can't wait to work on a pattern.

  3. That looks really good and I really need to learn how to draft a proper pattern not my usually squint and cut!

  4. Just found this post and am wondering whether you have anything new to add regarding the Pattern drafter a few years on? Do you still love it? How often do you use it? I am looking to purchase it but am unsure of taking the plunge!

  5. i love the double layer skirt, it is genius. i will make one for each of my dear granddaughters and i hope they like them, but the almost 10 year old is getting picker like a teen. i would like to try the pattern drafter, but the price a bit too much. i am trying to sell the soft toys that i make
    http://louisville.craigslist.org/crs/4785435663.html you can see them on craigslist but, what a time to start a small business at age 69 and not selling much. thanks for the lovely skirt barb@iglou.com


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