Apr 12, 2011

And the winner is…

First things first… THANK YOU to everyone that reads my blog, is a follower – both old and new – and to everyone that entered.


We managed to reach 311 followers (51 new followers during the giveaway promotion) WOO HOO… that meant there were an additional 5 prizes added to the winners booty!

With 45 entries and random.org the winner is…………..

random giveaway2

Comment number 27 was Lesli from Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink!

Congratulations… This is what you’ve won (see photo at top of post too):

1x One of a kind Ribbon & Chain Necklace

1x Baby/Toddler Denim & Lace headband

1x Singed Ribbon Brooch

5 1/2 yards of double fold Michael Miller ‘Kaleidoscope’ bias

1 length of fabric bunting in your colour theme choice (no picture available yet – will be custom made)

1 canvas to co ordinate with bunting (no picture available yet – will be custom made)

So, Lesli drop me an email with a suggestion of colour and/or theme you’d like your bunting in together with your mailing address! I hope you ♥LOVE♥ your prizes!

Thanks again to everyone that entered and all my followers – you all are truly the reason that I love blogging and am inspired to continually do and share projects and little tid bits of life…

I hope you all continue to follow along, stop by from time to time, leave me a comment here and there and if you ever have a question or anything don’t hesitate to ask…



  1. Great prize..congratulations to the winner!

  2. Wow I can't believe it! Thanks so so much - I emailed you! You made my night :D


  3. Did you get my email? I hope I sent it to the right place! :D

  4. Hi Lesli,
    Congratulations on winning the prize booty! Thanks for the email - I got it and your address. Will make up the bunting and canvas in colours as you suggested and then send it all off! Will probably do a post with the bunting and canvas prior to sending if you want to keep an eye out over the next week or so to get a sneak peek!


Hi and thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment... I just love reader feedback - and I also love replying via email...but you need to have a visible email in your account settings for me to do this, otherwise just know that I do read your comments and do appreciate them... Be sure to drop by again soon - I love the company ☺

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