Apr 27, 2011

Happiness is...

Happiness can be... so many different things.

Today, I made some bunting - bright, bold and colourful... just looking at it made me feel a little happier

There's just something fun & cheery about bunting that makes me smile... I hope you all had a moment (or more) of happiness today...

I used THIS tutorial, just with a few modifications... I like to top stitch, so all my flags were top stitched - I think it just helps them to hang and retain their shape better, and I put loops on the very ends of the bias tape to make hanging a little easier...

Oh, and of course... these two gorgeously funny monkeys make me happy every day:



  1. I love the colors! I'll have to make myself one. Or you cna make make me one. ;)

  2. Love the brightness of that bunting..very cheery!

  3. I am so sorry you are having issues with customs!! The bunting is just *fabulous*! Thank you for all of your efforts. I hope you have a great week!!



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