Apr 19, 2011

All things addictive…

They say (by the way, just WHO is THEY???) that some people are born with addictive tendencies… Me?

I am addicted…

To all things food…


Which leads unfortunately to a fad diet addiction… (nothing serious I promise – I’m honestly lucky to last past lunchtime… and if you open one of my cupboards you’d be struck by an avalanche of diet shakes just waiting for me to start another day…)

diet shakes

To Facebook… I held out for a little while – I’ve only been FB-ing for about 4 years (coincided with maternity leave for my first, Big Little Miss M)


Last October I started blogging… so, so addictive – both being a blogger and a internet blog surfer…

blogger symbol

And my newest addiction… Pinterest – I am now officially hooked to pinning (and I’m only a few days in….) such a great way to keep track of all things wonderful out there in computer land. Who else is out there pinning away, having caught the ‘pinning’ bug – I’d love to see what you’re finding ‘pinterest-ing’ (you can check out my boards… The Spangler – but as I said I’m only a few days into my Pinterest addiction)


The one I can’t seem to get my head around is Twitter… call me a gumby… I just don’t know – the whole thing doesn’t seem to make sense to me…. any tips or advice on tweeting and/or using twitter would be gladly accepted ☺

Now, you may be wondering is there any point to this post? Well, yes and no… you see I was happily browsing pinterest, stepped away from the computer for a moment and came back to discover that Pinterest is currently down… what to do, what to do….


Oh… and another refashioning tutorial is in progress for you all… (and when Pinterest is back up and running I’ll show you all some fabulous photo’s and links I’ve discovered there!)

Cheers and have a great week  xo


  1. I am addicted to Pinterest too! I went through craftgawker.com yesterday and must have about 50 new pins.
    Try to find me.
    Dragonfliez Creationz

  2. I have decided to focus on blogging because I have a bit of an addictive personality too and I don't think I'd have any time to actually live and do anything if I hooked up to more computer apps. Twitter is for the birds!

  3. Interesting post, and love the choccy food, perfect timing for Easter. Through Facebook you can connect your posts to Twitter, so you don't have to post twice. I have my blog, my website, facebook and twitter at the moment, so a little fun. Pinterest, oh no, something else to check out. Computer time is also addictive.


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