Jan 18, 2011

What I’ve been working on…

Well, I’ve been busy sewing up a few things from scratch – just for a little (but only very short) break from refashions.

Here’s a few bibs I’ve been making (going to dive into the world of online stores soon… and yes there will be some cool giveaways for my followers!):

bib range2

Also a skirt that I want to make a PDF pattern for (it’s not quite finished yet – I have to put the belt loops on and you can see there is a faux placket on the front of the skirt… I will put three fabric covered buttons on it):

twirly denim skirt

denim skirt

And do you remember that decorator canvas fabric that I used for my Stitched Photo Canvas Tutorial… I mentioned that I’d bought a whole big roll of the stuff because it was on markdown. Well, I used up a little more to recover some square canvas boards:

canvas recover

And also to make some co-ordinating cushion covers:

canvas cushions

And a work in progress is a roller blind for our front glass door… (No picture yet… have to wait for the girls next nap to finish it off!).

Well, the girls are stirring so it’s time to go for now… hope you are all having a marvellous, crafty, creative and productive day!


  1. The little denim skirt is very cute..I love the faux underskirt just showing through. You have been very productive making all those bibs...good luck with the shop!

  2. Wow !! you shall open an etsy shop right away. That bibs and skirt are so cute XD

  3. gorgeous skirt, and the bibs are wonderful (my little girl would love one)

  4. I forget to mention that I'm giving away a copy of "Sewn with Love", abook by Fiona Bell. If you're interested, you can check how to win it in my blog :)

  5. You are so talented. I could use the pillows and decor more but I love to look at the little clothes. Have a great day.

  6. You are so clever! I love that fabric. Passed on the stylish blogger award to you (posting tomorrow).


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