Jan 15, 2011

More on the Boot Sleeves…

Just thought I’d give a quick little update on the BOOT SLEEVES

boot sleeves 1

Thank you so much to everyone that commented. The response and comments I have gotten for these has been really fantastic – Its really nice to know that people like what you are making. I am currently working on an actual pattern for these but with a few tweaks and improvements on the original.

And remembering that I paired them into an outfit:

toddler knit

Well, a few of you wanted to see them (the boot sleeves) with another outfit ie. not so co-ordinated. So here’s a quick couple of photos:


I do like how they look paired with a non matching outfit – Big Little Miss M really got quite a few compliments on them!

And just because Little Little Miss M likes in on the photo action… Here’s my two funny munchkins – they make me laugh sometimes



  1. I'm totally excited to see this pattern! (I still think I may make a pair for myself...lol) I can't to see them on my twins!

    What little darlin's you have!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Your little models are darling. Have a great evening.


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