Jan 24, 2011

Cushions, cushions, cushions… for a cause…

shabby chic

Well, I know I promised I’d be doing another refashion for you all but in lieu of that I thought I’d show you some cushions I’ve been busily making… BUT…. before I go on, answer me this…

*Can you make a cushion (if you can sew a straight line I bet you can!)?

*Do you have some fabric that is unloved, forgotten or just plain old waiting to be sewn into a cushion? (Tell me, is there a fabric stash out there that DOES NOT have some fabric in this category?

racing car

Most, of you would be aware of the floods that have devastated so many communities in QLD… taking lives, homes, possessions and livelihoods. It will take much time and help for the people affected to begin to rebuild all that they once had.

Naturally Carol (who herself lives in a township affected by the QLD floods) has been busy sewing cushions to donate to those who have lost so much. You can check out her post here and leave her a message if you want to help her by sewing up and donating some cushion covers yourself. Whilst you are there you might as well check out the rest of her wonderful blog – it is always jam packed with beautiful photographs and interesting reads!

I had already been sewing up some cushions for myself:

canvas cushions

And to sew a few more from ‘dormant’ fabric in my stash really was the least I could do to show my support for the flood victims…

So, Carol… the following cushions are heading your way tomorrow in the post – I truly hope they bring a little joy to their recipients…

chic shabby

(Without sounding like I’m bragging – because I’m not, I’m just surprised – I really LOVE how these four shabby chic cushions turned out!)

And a couple for some kids…

pooh bear

racing car

And on a side note to this…

I was busily sewing this afternoon when Big Little Miss M woke from her nap and wandered into my sewing nook…

“Oooh! Are you making me another dress?” She exclaims, thinking every time I sew I’m making a dress or skirt for her. I explained to her that I was making cushions to give to some of the people affected by the floods.

She asked why and I told her that many people had all of their things washed away by the flood and so they need some things more than we do right now. She seemed content with my explanation and wandered off to her playroom busying herself.

A couple of minutes later I popped my head in to see her gathering up some of her toys and placing them into one of her play sacks… “What are you doing sweet?” I ask.  Her reply, “I’m going to give some of the children my toys because if the flood took them all away they will be sad.”

the girls

I love my girls… and I love that in amongst the madness of motherhood there are moments when you really feel like you’re on the right path!

Cheers  xoxo

P.S (Sorry for the long post…)

Here’s a sneaky peek at the refashion  I’ll hopefully have for you REALLY soon… it started life as a Size 8 Ladies ‘JAG’ brand skirt – bought of course for a mere couple of dollars at the local thrift store… these are a couple of before pics…

full before

   So, stay tuned for the transformation….

pin tucks

Oh… and not sure if anyone would be interested in a cushion cover tutorial… let me know if you are and I’ll see if there’s enough interest!


  1. That is such a good cause and your daughters are so sweet. I love checking in on what you're doing. You're one busy lady. Have a great day.

  2. Love this post! Bless you guys!

  3. What a sweet little girl! It makes your heart melt when they do something so sweet and kind without prompting. Love the pillows! I'm sure that whoever receives them will be delighted. I just read your 'pancake' post. I have to thank you for bringing back wonderful childhood memories of my mum. She was the only person I've known who put lemon and sugar on pancakes! Seeing your post brought back sweet memories of someone sorely missed. Have a great day. (I'm your newest follower!)

  4. I live in Missouri, USA and in 1993 my family lost everything we owned because of flooding. It was because of caring people like you and your sweet daughter that my family had pillows to lay our heads on and toys to play with and comfort us children. I'm sure that whoever receives your gifts will be forever grateful for your generosity.

  5. what a great project! it is always nice to be able to help in our own little way in good causes like this...

    thanks for sharing and linking up at our crafty saturday party! can't wait to see what you have in store this week!



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