Jan 9, 2011

Thrifty upcycle… top to toddler dress

The last few days have been strange days I guess – been in a bit of a funny mood, who knows maybe its the weather? Or just the comedown from the Christmas season?

Anyhow, here’s what I started with:

original size 10 womans blouse
This top is a size 10 Target ‘Hot Options’ branded top but I picked it up at the thrift store for 50c and I thought it had some potential.
original tag
It is a little hard to make out much of the detail because of the print and crinkled fabric (it is meant to stay crinkled – no ironing yay – but not something I’d wear because ironically I’d be thinking it looked like I simply neglected to iron before heading out, oh and it’s been a while since I could fit into a size 10!!!).

Here’s a quick photo overview (just click on the photo to see an enlargement and read some of the photo text a little easier).

THE PRO’s of this little number:

These buttons are going to be saved for another project and were the original driving force behind my lashing out 50c on the top.

neck casing
hemline detail

I love little details but probably would not be inclined to hand stitch individual beads onto an outfit unless it was VERY special – too time consuming I think, so already there is a bonus!

neck casing

original sleeve casing

THE CON’s of this top:

the cons
shoulder tear

some more cons
So, I hope that gives you a better idea of the garment and my reason for showing so many photos of the original is because although this is a refashion I will be incorporating many of the features/pro’s of this outfit in the remodelled garment and knowing how it originally was will hopefully make the following tutorial easier to understand.

Well, shall we get it underway?

…. Yep! I am writing this tute as I go so you’ll have to check back a little later to see the final result – scary thing is I don’t even know what it’s going to look like at this point (other than the usual mental picture in my head, which doesn’t account for any hiccups or roadblocks nor give me the directions on achieving the look)… so cross your fingers for me, check back soon and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the final instalment ready to reveal!

Okay, the refashion is complete… BUT and I’m sorry to leave you hanging with this – I am still putting the tutorial together (they really take a bit of time to work through, sort pictures and not to mention attempt to be logical and fluent). So, here’s a sneak peek:
sneaky peek
Hmm… can you picture it??? I even did a little bit of shirring on the back – I am quite happy with this one (apart from the fact that this busy busy fabric really does not lend itself to great pictures) It is a very girly dress and somewhat classical in style but with some modern touches. Well, I hope this little teaser is enough to encourage you to come back tomorrow where I PROMISE – cross my heart and all - that there will be a full reveal and tutorial, that is of course unless there is some major life/domestic/toddler world in crisis type situation!

Righto... ALL FINISHED, VICTORY DANCE COMPLETED now all's that left is for you to CLICK HERE to go to the finished tutorial and dress!

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  1. Look forward to seeing your creation and tutorial!!!


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