Jan 7, 2011

Pay it Forward 2011…


UPDATE 9th Jan 2011: I have two people for my 'Pay it Forward Challenge' - now I just need YOU to be my third... pls read on and consider. It really could be fun!

Just a quick little entry for now (but I am working on another tutorial/refashion which will be coming soon). This post is about a little project I first heard about on the fabulous blog The Clip Cafe.
It’s called ‘Pay it Forward’ and to become involved I make this promise to send three people something handmade at some time during the course of this year.
To be eligible you must also post this on your blog and offer to do the same for three other people and these are the rules:
  • Item must be handmade by you
  • Item must be sent *sometime* during 2011
My three people will be the first three to comment on this post and comply with the follow on post on their blog (leave me an additional comment or send me an email when you've posted your blog entry so that I can let everyone know who my three "Pay it Forward" recipients will be... and just a side note you don't have to be in Australia for this - I will send my items anywhere post will get delivered!!!)

It is suggested that if you are playing along you give yourself an approximate *due by* date so the people that signed up aren't waiting about too long wondering when they might receive their gift.
I thought that this sounded like such a nice project and a great way to share some of your talent and also to make someone else's day – because it’s always nice to get a little surprise in the mail (that isn’t an unexpected bill mind you).
So, why not become involved – leave me a comment (and if your not a follower feel free to follow me about – not mandatory but you just may get a sneak peak of what I might make my three pay it forward recipients!!), don’t forget to post about it in your blog and in the meantime I’ll start thinking of all things fabulous that I could send my three!!!
And as for timeframes – I will give myself until the end of April; I am thinking I will do my first in February, the next in March and then the last one in April just to space it out a little.
And as for the random photo’s of my girls – they are just ‘decoration’ for this post because my two girls know how to brighten up any day and I figured they could do the same for my photo-less blog post!
Anyhow, must be off to work on another project but come back soon, say hi and check out what I’m up to…


  1. You did make it in for mine there are only two people so far just email me your address - theclipcafe@yahoo.com.au
    May I join yours??? :o)

  2. This is a awesome idea! unfortunatly I dont have my own blog set up yet. But if I would love to be able to participate. do you have any sugestions?

  3. PS. I just found your blog and i love it! you have such cute ideas! cant wait to try them out for my self!

  4. Oh, I can't believe it! I'd love to be on your list. This is such a great idea. I am in. Though I have a blog, I don't have a lot of followers, but I am committing to doing this. Love your blog. Can't wait to make a skirt for my DD.

  5. http://thatlittleboutique.blogspot.com/2011/01/pay-it-forward.html

    Here is my blog post!

  6. hello... i would love to join your pat it forward.. let me know if i'm in on it.. i am now following you.. if ya get a chance run by my blog an give me a follow back! great blog. happy i found ya...

  7. Woo Hoo... I have my three pay it forward recipients:
    The Clip Cafe,
    Heather @ That Little Boutique, and
    Elizabeth @ 1savingmomma....
    Am really looking forward to making my handmade gifts - will definately have to do this project again later in the year!
    To crazystudentmom sorry I couldnt get back to you - can you send me an email with a return email address... maybe by the time I do this again you'll have been inspired to start a blog!


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