Jan 20, 2011

Selling refashioned clothing?

Have been busy with all sorts of things, the girls, a little sewing, a little sorting and organising - I just don't know where all the time goes!

I've had my mind on the online store today and wanted to pose a question to anybody that feels like giving me their opinion.

At this stage I have only listed a couple of things that have been made from scratch with new fabric... I am just wondering if people are at all interested in buying refashioned clothing similar to the ones I have done as tutorials here on this blog. I really love refashioning and want to continue making tutorials for them but doing at least one a week is going to seriously fill my girls closets (and trust me they are already over flowing!) and some pieces are almost too nice to cut down all the time to a size 1T or 3T... Hmm just thoughts???

I did list some baby slings today though - did you notice Little little Miss M's baby made the photo - I love props that stay where you want, smile on cue and make so little fuss - LOL I really wouldn't change a thing about my girls but gee we've had a pretty full on couple of days - I think Little little Miss M is very headstrong (like her mummy!) and it makes for interesting time... check the slings out if you like via the Shop at Spangle tab up top. Hey and while I'm talking baby slings would that be a good product for a follower freebie promotion?
And stay tuned, hopefully tomorrow (or the next day) I'll post my latest refashioning tute...


  1. that photo is reminding me of the daiolly sling I made for my eldest when her baby brother was born - so she could copy mummy.

  2. I'm a tad older than your regular group and my kids are past the baby stage so I'd be more interested in about 15 years when my grand is old enough to have babies but I love the inspiration you give me on what I can do with what I wear. Do you ever refashion your own clothes too?

  3. I found you via The Clip Cafe and so glad I did.
    I for one would buy refashioned clothing :)


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