Jun 23, 2012

Five. FIVE!!! A party, rainbows and a unicorn cake.

So my big girl just turned five today.

My mind is still trying to comprehend how that can be...

I can still recall the very moments of her coming into this world and my first cuddle like it was only mere months not years ago.

My girl gave me the most special gift I could ever be given - she gave me motherhood. Watching, sharing and creating memories with my girls compares to nothing else.

I love being part of what I hope is happy memory creation.

Here's my girl:

The cake (that took hours and hours over a number of days to create) that she went nuts over... and lets face it - there's a little bit of a lot of vicarious enjoyment on my part):

The candy/cake buffet:

and another:

 And for now, after having the party today I'm so exhausted... so I'll be back in a day or so (once I clean, clean and then clean some more - just can't deal with it tonight and yes, tomorrow in the morning I'll wish I did - but I go to bed with the awareness my cranky morning self will kick my own butt).

I'll have more photo's. I've become a lazy phone camera photo taker - thanks Instagram! But my SIL had her whizz bang camera on hand so I'm hoping she got some good shots so I'll be back to show them off and to dish the info on inspiration sources, the how to's (and the how not's) and to gush a little more about my gorgeous little girls who are growing up...



  1. Oh My! What a fantastic cake!!! Everything is just perfect! YOu little girl must have been so happy.

    1. Thanks Sharon! It was such a fun day... I'm yet to do a how to on the cake (I keep looking at the photo's and i have to sort and edit them for a blog post) but there will be one soon.

  2. just found your blog via instagram and the photo a day challenge, wow that is one amazing unicorn cake and rainbow party

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle... Instagram is truly my newest addiction but I'm loving the photo a day challenge - you see so many things through your camera that you'd otherwise miss and I love that about the challenge.
      I really must get onto the how to for the cake...
      Thanks again for your kind words - I really do appreciate and value reader comments, it makes my day (even if its been a crazy couple of weeks and I'm a little slacker in reply at the moment I still value them just as much!)

  3. Oh WOW!WOW! WOW and again WOW! Very talented!! Please post a how to!! My granddaughter's first is coming!!I would love to do this cake!!!


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