Jun 7, 2012

Day to day...

Life is still busy... It amazes me sometimes how I can seem to achieve nothing yet have raced around chasing my tail all day!

Most days at some point I actually believe I am suffering from early onset dementia... but then I remember... I am a mum and this is most likely a normal side effect! (Just jokes of course people... maybe... hehehe... OMGoodness I need sleep!)

Constantly amazed at how quickly my beautiful girls are growing up... it is happening right before my eyes. Little Little Miss M is definitely testing the waters of independence and stubbornness... much to both my frustration and admiration - frustrated that it really feels like I'm talking to a brick wall but admiration because my little one is going to be one tough cookie who stands her ground... yay girl power! The little one certainly has got the 'tude... Only just three and has standard answers for most things... 

ME: Pick up your toys and I want you to clean up your room.  
HER: Me a little tired... 
ME: If you don't pick up your toys I will take them away! 
HER (said with utter and bland coolness): That okay, take them away...
ME:  If you want to come with Mummy to the coffee shop/playgroup/shopping/etc you need to pick up your toys first.
HER: Me okay, I stay home.

Grrrrrrrr... but you know what? As frustrated as I may feel I do know that this stage of childhood will pass before I know it and I will reminisce on these times and my memory will replace the frustration with a sense of sadness at just how quickly they go from toddlers to children to teens to adults... I mean, if you read my last post you'll know it only feels like a couple of years since I turned 18 but reality is it's been almost (but not quite) as many years since!

I look at Big Little Miss M and already know that as much as I love how she's growing into her personality and independence I already know that it all feels to have gone too fast!

Its just occurred to me that I need a slow, lazy day... this cold winter weather is making me long to be back living within meters of the beach again... I feel a pyjama day coming on soon!

So here's wishing for a nice, slow, lazy, snuggly, pyjama day with my girls in the very near future!

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