Jun 7, 2012

Dainty doilies..

I love thrift/op shopping. I love vintage and retro finds. I have no room to put everything that I seem to fall in love with at said thrifty stores... Doilies, however... they are small, delicate and girly (not at all 'grandma-ish' as I'm sure I once thought) and I can buy and stash to my hearts content all the whilst the hubs goes on about his day to day oblivious to my thrifty acquisitions (quite unlike my obsession with thrift shop glass and kitchenware)... it's a win/win !

Made these a couple of weeks ago now with a splash of doily... I am in LOVE with them but sadly have no little bubba feet to put in them... If only these were practical in big person sizes... hmm maybe I could jazz up some jeans!

Will have to get some more sewing done and see what else I can do with my collection of thrift find doilies!

BOOTique Bubba Boots... Denim n Doilies

Would love to hear your thoughts on these, suggestions for doily usage and even to learn of some of your doily projects!



  1. Dear Spangler,
    first - thank you so much for dropping by at my place with such a sweet comment! I always appreciate new company and I am thankful you wrote - otherwise I wouldn't have known what I was missing. Your blog is phenomenal!!

    I love the use of doilies for refashioning the above booties are absolutely adorable!!
    I still cannot get over the wedding dress one imaginative lady made out of doilies! I wish I had thought of that too. In order to enumerate what can be done with the doilies I am sending you a link of mine, {I hope you don't mind- if you do - simply delete it} on pinterest I have about doilies. You'll certainly find inspiration there.

    My grandma (a master crocheter) had made me a ton of different doilies, but I don't have the heart to use them for anything. Whenever I use doilies in my projects, they are usually thrifted...

    1. Forgot to insert the link:

    2. Thanks for the link... have been checking it out... love LOVE doilies and there's so many ideas and inspirations there.
      I have to agree the dress made with the doilies is just GORGEOUS.
      I don't know if I'd be able to use actual vintage doilies that had been passed down from a family member (I have a hard enough time cutting up fabric with gorgeous prints but no sentimental value)... Thrift shop finds are perfect though!
      Thanks for stopping by - it's always nice to have company!


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